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NBU Bureaucratic Structures and Organizational Commitment Essay

NBU Bureaucratic Structures and Organizational Commitment Essay


Topic: Bureaucracy

Step 1: Finding an Article You need to find an academic article related to the topic of bureaucracy. Using the electronic databases provided by your university or other academic search engines, search for articles on bureaucracy. Look for articles with at least 10 citations to ensure their relevance and significance.

Step 2: Summarizing the Article’s Main Idea and Research Question Once you have found an article, carefully read it to understand its main idea and research question. The main idea is the central theme or argument of the article, while the research question is the specific question the author is trying to answer through their research.

Step 3: Writing the Essay Your essay should be structured as follows:

  1. Introduction: Introduce the topic of bureaucracy and its significance in the field of sociology.
  2. Main Idea and Research Question: Summarize the main idea of the chosen article and clearly state its research question. This should be a concise overview of what the article aims to address.
  3. Theoretical Framework: Discuss the theoretical framework used by the author. What theories or concepts are they drawing upon to analyze bureaucracy? This could include classical sociological theories like Max Weber’s concept of bureaucracy, as well as any contemporary perspectives.
  4. Methods of Argumentation: Describe the author’s methods of argumentation. How do they present and support their main idea? Discuss the research techniques, logical argumentation, and types of evidence they provide to support their claims.
  5. Critique of Theoretical Perspectives or Authors: Explore whether the author critiques any theoretical perspectives or other authors’ work. Do they disagree with certain viewpoints? This could be related to differing interpretations of bureaucracy or its effects.
  6. Conclusion: Evaluate the author’s argumentation and the usefulness of the article. Was the author convincing in their presentation? Discuss whether their evidence and reasoning effectively support their main idea. Provide your perspective on the article’s main conclusion.

Remember, you will need to substitute the actual details of the article you find into the above structure. Ensure that you accurately represent the author’s ideas and arguments in your essay. Also, remember to properly cite the article and any other sources you use in accordance with the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA).

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance in developing any part of your essay, feel free to ask!

NBU Bureaucratic Structures and Organizational Commitment Essay



1 Browse the internet or the electronic databases that the University gives access to[1],https://www.nbu.bg/en/library/electronic-resources/databases/in-alphabetical-order, for example Jstor (or search the internet cites which give access to academic content)  and find an academic article in a referred academic journal with at least 10 citations (the number of citations is presented by google just under the article’s title in a google search)[2] on one of the following topics or key-words : bureaucracy, organizations, institutions, rationality, values, ideology, norms, anomie, conformity/deviance, functional analysis (functionalism), classical sociology.[3] A lot of PDF full text articles are freely available on the Internet, but you will have a far more rich choice using the databases.
2 Please read carefully the article and try first to well summarize its main idea and research question, before doing anything else.

3 Pepare an essay  trying to fulfill the following requirements:

What is the main idea and research question that the author/authors are trying to answer/prove?

What is his/hers theoretical framework ?

What are the principle methods of argumentation? (research techniques, logical argumentation, types of evidence provided etc.)

Is the author critique towards some theoretical perspectives or other authors and which one?

Conclusion Was the author convincing in his argumentation and what is the overall usefulness of his article? What is the main conclusion from your own perspective ?

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