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MSU The Impacts of Globalization on Gender Essay

MSU The Impacts of Globalization on Gender Essay


Essay Outline: The Impact of Economic, Cultural, and Political Globalization on Gender

I. Introduction A. Brief overview of the significance of economic, cultural, and political globalization B. Statement of purpose: Analyzing the impact of globalization on gender dynamics C. Overview of the chosen theme: Gender D. Preview of the case studies and theoretical approaches to be discussed

II. Economic Globalization’s Influence on Gender A. Explanation of economic globalization and its components (trade, investment, finance) B. Discussion of how economic globalization affects gender roles and opportunities C. Case study 1: Women in the global workforce and wage disparities D. Case study 2: Microfinance initiatives and their impact on women’s economic empowerment

III. Cultural Globalization’s Impact on Gender Identity A. Definition of cultural globalization and its implications (media, entertainment, cultural exchange) B. Examination of how cultural globalization shapes gender norms and identities C. Case study 1: Western beauty standards and their influence on women’s self-perception D. Case study 2: LGBTQ+ rights movements and global cultural diffusion

IV. Political Globalization’s Effect on Gender Equality A. Overview of political globalization and its facets (international institutions, diplomacy) B. Evaluation of how political globalization contributes to or hinders gender equality C. Case study 1: United Nations’ role in promoting gender equality through conventions D. Case study 2: Effectiveness of transnational feminist movements in advancing women’s rights

V. Intersectionality: Interplay between Gender and Other Globalization Themes A. Discussion of how gender intersects with other themes (migration, development, culture) B. Exploration of how gender inequalities can be exacerbated or mitigated within these intersections C. Case study: Gendered experiences of migrant workers in global cities

VI. Critique of Globalization’s Impact on Gender A. Presentation of key arguments in favor of and against globalization’s effect on gender B. Examination of unintended consequences and challenges faced by marginalized genders C. Exploration of the role of policies and activism in addressing gender-related globalization issues

VII. Conclusion A. Recap of main points discussed in the essay B. Reiteration of the significance of understanding globalization’s impact on gender C. Call to action: Importance of policy changes and inclusive narratives in the era of globalization

VIII. References A. Citations for scholarly sources, case studies, and theoretical frameworks used throughout the essay

Note: This outline provides a structured framework for the essay, focusing on the impact of economic, cultural, and political globalization on gender. You can expand on each section with relevant details, analysis, and examples to create a comprehensive and insightful essay.

MSU The Impacts of Globalization on Gender Essay



Please send me a outline of the essay before you start the essay


Students are required to write a 1,500-word evidence-informed critical reflection, critically evaluating how individuals are affected by economic, cultural, and political globalization by analysing concrete case studies from ONE of the themes covered in the course. Students should make use of theoretical and conceptual approaches to support their reflection, however, more focus should be placed on the analysis of real-world events.

Theme suggestions (students can choose any alternative theme from the course content):

War and peace

Development and poverty


Global cities

Culture and identity





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