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Montclair State University Political Science Paper

Montclair State University Political Science Paper


The issue you’re describing is indeed a political issue that revolves around immigration policy and the treatment of migrant families at the United States border. Let’s break down the different aspects that make this a political issue:

  1. Immigration Policy: The separation of children from their families at the border is a result of the immigration policies in place. Different political parties and groups hold varying perspectives on how immigration should be managed. Some argue for stricter enforcement of immigration laws to maintain border security, while others advocate for more humane and compassionate approaches to immigration, which might involve keeping families together.
  2. Human Rights: The separation of families raises questions about human rights and ethical considerations. Advocates of human rights argue that forcibly separating children from their parents can lead to psychological trauma and emotional distress for both the children and the parents. This becomes a moral issue that political actors must address in crafting immigration policies.
  3. Public Opinion and Advocacy: The issue has garnered attention and sparked activism from various advocacy groups, individuals, and civil society organizations. These groups often try to influence political decision-making by raising awareness about the emotional toll of family separation, advocating for changes to immigration policies, and putting pressure on lawmakers to address the issue.
  4. National Identity and Values: The debate over family separation is also linked to discussions about the United States’ national identity and values. Some argue that the nation’s values of compassion, equality, and the pursuit of the American Dream are at odds with policies that lead to family separation. This perspective shapes public discourse and policy debates.
  5. International Perception: The issue of family separation can affect how the United States is perceived on the international stage. It can impact diplomatic relations and influence how other countries view the U.S.’s commitment to human rights and humanitarian considerations.

As a mother, wife, and immigrant, your personal experiences and perspectives provide a unique lens through which to view this issue. Your emotional reaction to the separation of families underscores the human element of the issue and the real-world impact it has on people’s lives. This emotional connection can motivate you to engage in advocacy, raise awareness, and potentially influence the political discourse around immigration policy and family separation.

The articles you’ve provided likely offer more specific details and context about the situation and the ongoing debates. Reading and staying informed about these sources can help you understand the various dimensions of the issue and contribute to informed discussions and potential actions.

Montclair State University Political Science Paper



How is this a political issue? Kids shouldn’t be separated from their families. And how me being a mother, wife, and an immigrant I feel as if kids shouldn’t be separated from their families and how heart-wrenching it is to separate a family all because they come to the United States for a better future escaping a corrupt system coming whats believe to be the country where all dreams can be fulfilled to ripping a family apart. https://www.vera.org/news/children-are-still-being…,https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/11/us/migrant-fami…

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