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MKTG 307 American Public University System Examples of The Segmentation Paper

MKTG 307 American Public University System Examples of The Segmentation Paper


Title: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning in Marketing: Examples and Effectiveness


Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) are fundamental concepts in marketing that help businesses identify and engage with their target audience effectively. In this paper, we will explore three examples of STP strategies employed by various companies, evaluate their effectiveness, and support our analysis with relevant research from academic sources and the APUS library.

Example 1: Apple Inc.

Segmentation: Apple Inc. segments its market primarily based on psychographics and lifestyle. They target consumers who value innovation, design, and premium quality products. Apple’s customer base includes tech enthusiasts, creative professionals, and individuals seeking a seamless user experience.

Targeting: Apple’s primary target audience consists of individuals with higher disposable incomes, professionals in creative fields, and early adopters of technology. The company tailors its product offerings and marketing messages to cater to these specific segments.

Positioning: Apple positions itself as a brand that offers high-quality, user-friendly, and innovative technology products. Their tagline, “Think Different,” highlights their unique approach to technology, setting them apart from competitors.

Effectiveness: Apple’s STP strategy has been remarkably effective. The company consistently ranks among the top brands globally and enjoys a loyal customer base. Its focus on design, quality, and user experience resonates with its target audience, resulting in strong sales and brand loyalty (Kotler et al., 2021). Furthermore, Apple’s premium pricing strategy aligns with its positioning and reinforces the perception of exclusivity (Kumar, 2020).

Example 2: Coca-Cola

Segmentation: Coca-Cola uses multiple segmentation criteria, including geographic, demographic, and behavioral factors. They target consumers of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy carbonated beverages.

Targeting: Coca-Cola’s broad target audience includes both young and older consumers who seek refreshing and enjoyable beverages. The company’s diverse product portfolio caters to various tastes and preferences.

Positioning: Coca-Cola positions itself as the world’s leading provider of refreshing and uplifting beverages. Their slogans, such as “Open Happiness” and “Taste the Feeling,” emphasize the emotional benefits of consuming Coca-Cola products.

Effectiveness: Coca-Cola’s STP strategy has been effective in maintaining its status as a global beverage leader. The company’s widespread distribution and continuous innovation in product offerings ensure that it reaches a wide customer base (Kotler et al., 2021). However, changing consumer preferences and concerns about health and sugar content have challenged Coca-Cola’s positioning in recent years, necessitating adjustments to their strategy (Pitt, 2020).

Example 3: Tesla, Inc.

Segmentation: Tesla segments its market based on various factors, including demographics, psychographics, and behavior. They target eco-conscious consumers, tech enthusiasts, and early adopters of electric vehicles.

Targeting: Tesla primarily targets individuals with higher disposable incomes who are interested in sustainable and high-performance transportation solutions. The company’s focus on electric vehicles and renewable energy products aligns with the values of its target audience.

Positioning: Tesla positions itself as a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, offering cutting-edge technology, performance, and sustainability. Their mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy underpins their positioning.

Effectiveness: Tesla’s STP strategy has been highly effective in establishing the brand as a leader in the electric vehicle market. Their innovative approach to electric vehicles and commitment to sustainability have resonated with consumers, leading to strong demand and a high stock market valuation (Ivanova et al., 2021). However, competition in the electric vehicle market is intensifying, and Tesla must continuously innovate to maintain its position (Shapiro, 2021).


Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are essential components of a successful marketing strategy. The examples of Apple Inc., Coca-Cola, and Tesla, Inc. demonstrate the diversity of approaches that companies can take in implementing STP strategies. While these examples have generally been effective, they also highlight the importance of ongoing adaptation to changing market dynamics and consumer preferences. Effective STP strategies help companies connect with their target audience, create brand loyalty, and drive sales, ultimately contributing to their long-term success in the marketplace.


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MKTG 307 American Public University System Examples of The Segmentation Paper



Find and describe three examples of the segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Evaluate each example in terms of effectiveness.

Instructions: Your answers to the questions should be 2 -3 pages (total not each), be in APA format, use outside research and represent overall college level work. Please use the APUS library in addition to just the book to find references to back up your answers to these questions.

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