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MK 6000 Trinn University Marketing ethical Challenge Paper

MK 6000 Trinn University Marketing ethical Challenge Paper


Part 1: Description (30%)

In this section, you need to describe the ethical challenge faced by marketers. You can choose between discussing a real-world example from publicly available sources or a hypothetical situation based on personal conversations with marketing professionals. Here’s how you can structure this part:

  1. Introduction: Start by introducing the topic of marketing ethics and the importance of ethical considerations in marketing.
  2. Description of the Ethical Challenge: If you’re using a real-world example, provide the relevant details such as the company involved, the nature of the challenge, and any significant events or actions related to it. If it’s a hypothetical scenario, create a detailed but fictional description of the situation without revealing any confidential information.
  3. Source Citation: Clearly reference the source of your information if it’s a publicly available example. Include page numbers or a clear description of where the information can be found in the source.

Part 2: Assessment (40%)

In this section, you’ll assess the ethical challenge from an ethical perspective. You should use ethical principles discussed in your class and relevant readings to analyze the situation. Here’s how to structure this part:

  1. Ethical Principles: Identify and explain the ethical principles or frameworks you will use for your assessment. This could include concepts like utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, or any other relevant ethical theories.
  2. Analysis: Apply the chosen ethical principles to the ethical challenge described in Part 1. Discuss the ethical implications, consequences, and considerations associated with the situation. Consider the interests of different stakeholders (e.g., customers, employees, shareholders) and their rights and well-being.

Part 3: Recommendation (30%)

In this section, you will provide concrete recommendations for the organization to prevent similar ethical challenges in the future. Your recommendations should be based on the assessment you made in Part 2. Here’s how to structure this part:

  1. Preventative Measures: Propose specific actions or policies that the organization can implement to address the ethical challenge. Explain how these measures align with the ethical principles discussed earlier.
  2. Ethical Training: Suggest ways in which the organization can enhance ethical awareness and decision-making among its marketing professionals. This could include ethics training programs or workshops.
  3. Monitoring and Accountability: Describe how the organization can establish mechanisms for monitoring and ensuring compliance with ethical guidelines. Discuss consequences for non-compliance.
  4. Conclusion: Summarize your recommendations and emphasize their importance in preventing similar ethical challenges in the future.

Remember to maintain the confidentiality of any personal conversations with marketing professionals and use fictitious names and details if necessary. Additionally, make sure to follow any specific formatting or submission guidelines provided by your instructor.

MK 6000 Trinn University Marketing ethical Challenge Paper





WEEK 6 (June 21st) NO CLASS (Individual Project 1 of 2 [Ethical Reflection] is due.

You cannot do the FaceBook one since it’s an example in the grading rubric


The objective of this assignment is to induce reflection on an ethical challenge that marketers encounter. Based on conversations with marketing professionals (please provide name of source as well as e mail address and phone number)  and / or based on articles that are available in the public domain,(please be sure to reference your source here.. no need to use APA format…just make sure the reference is clear enough that I can find it easily.  This means including page numbers and describing where it is on that page) you are required to identify an ethical challenge faced by marketers.


Your report will be in 3 parts:

Description (30% of the assignment grade):  Here you will describe the ethical challenge.  For public domain examples, you can provide all the names.  For challenges based on personal conversations, please disguise the names and other details to preserve confidentiality.

Assessment (40% of the assignment grade): Based on the ethical principles discussed in class and in the readings, you are to provide an assessment of the situation from an ethical perspective.

Recommendation (30% of the assignment grade): Flowing from your assessment, you are to develop concrete recommendations for the organization such that ethical challenges of this nature do not recur.

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