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Military Support for Kaepernick.

 Military Support for Kaepernick.


  1. Respect for Freedom of Expression: Many military members take an oath to defend the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech and expression. Some saw Kaepernick’s peaceful protest as an exercise of this constitutional right, and they supported his ability to speak out against perceived racial injustice and police brutality.
  2. Diverse Military: The U.S. military is a diverse institution, and its members come from various racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Some military personnel identified with Kaepernick’s concerns about racial inequality and saw his protest as drawing attention to issues they cared about.
  3. Dissent and Democracy: Supporters argued that dissent and questioning authority are important aspects of a healthy democracy. They believed that Kaepernick’s protest was a form of dissent aimed at drawing attention to issues that needed addressing.
  4. Veterans for Kaepernick: Some military veterans publicly supported Kaepernick’s protest, such as “Veterans for Kaepernick.” They argued that they had fought for the right to protest and the principles of justice and equality, which Kaepernick highlighted through his protest.
  5. Understanding the Message: Some military personnel took the time to understand Kaepernick’s message and the reasons behind his protest. They may have agreed with his stance on racial inequality and police violence and believed it was a legitimate cause to raise awareness about.
  6. Critical Reflection: In sociology, it’s important to note that individuals within any group, including the military, have diverse opinions and perspectives. Some military men and women may have had personal experiences or beliefs that led them to support Kaepernick’s protest.

It’s worth emphasizing that opinions within the military community, like any other group, were not monolithic. Many military members did not support Kaepernick’s protest, viewing it as disrespecting the flag and the military. The debate over Kaepernick’s actions underscored the complex and multifaceted nature of public opinion in the United States on race, patriotism, and protest issues.

 Military Support for Kaepernick.

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Help me study for my Sociology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


Why did some military men and women support Colin Kaepernick when he knelt during the National Anthem?

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