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Military Spending Trade-offs & Justifications.

Military Spending Trade-offs & Justifications.


  1. Trade-offs Between Socially Useful Spending and Military Spending: The trade-offs between socially useful spending and military spending are a subject of debate in many countries, including the United States. Some arguments in favor of reducing military spending and reallocating those funds to social programs like higher education include:
    • Resource Allocation: The vast military budget can potentially be used for other critical needs such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and social welfare programs.
    • Long-term Benefits: Investing in education and social services can lead to a more educated and healthier population, which can, in turn, drive economic growth and reduce the need for military interventions.
    • National Security: Some argue that addressing domestic issues like education and healthcare can enhance national security by fostering stability and reducing internal conflicts.

    However, counterarguments for high military spending often revolve around national defense, geopolitical stability, and the need to maintain a strong military to protect the country’s interests abroad.

  2. Average Californian Contribution to Military Spending: To find out how much the average Californian is contributing to military spending, you can visit the National Priorities Project’s website as you mentioned and access the “Your Federal Tax Receipt” section for California. This tool provides estimates of where federal tax dollars go, including military spending.
  3. Connection Between State’s Social Services Spending and Military Budgets: There can be a connection between a state’s spending (or cuts in spending) on social services and federal military budgets. States often rely on federal funding for various programs, including social services. When federal military spending increases significantly, it can sometimes lead to reduced funding for other federal programs, including those that support social services. States may then face challenges in maintaining or expanding their social services due to reduced federal funding.
  4. Justification for High Military Budgets: High military budgets are justified for several reasons, including:
    • National Defense: Ensuring the security and defense of the country is a primary justification. A strong military is seen as essential to protect the nation against potential threats and adversaries.
    • Global Role: The United States often plays a significant role in global security and peacekeeping efforts, which can require a well-funded military.
    • Economic Impact: The defense industry is a major contributor to the U.S. economy, providing jobs and supporting various related industries.
    • Geopolitical Considerations: The complex geopolitical landscape can necessitate a strong military presence and capabilities to protect national interests and respond to international crises.

    Public opinion, political priorities, and debates over these justifications can vary, leading to ongoing discussions about the appropriate level of military spending.

Please note that specific figures and up-to-date data regarding military spending and its impact on state budgets may have changed since my last knowledge update in September 2021. You should refer to the mentioned websites and the latest available sources for the most current information.

Military Spending Trade-offs & Justifications.





1. Visit the website National Priorities Project https://www.nationalpriorities.org/interactive-data/taxday/ nd review the section “Your Federal Tax Receipt”. Under “View Tax Receipt for your state”, click on California to see what the average federal income taxes paid by a person in California for last year.

2. Visit Brown University’s website and browse the website to read more about the costs of war. https://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/

Answer the following questions:

  • Given the scale of the military budget, what are the trade-offs between socially useful spending and military spending? For example, spending on higher education vs. military spending.
  • How much is the average Californian contributing to military spending?
  • Is there a connection between our state’s spending (or cuts in spending) on social services and higher military budgets?
  • Why are such high military budgets justified?
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