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MGT 540 Marketing Management Paper

MGT 540 Marketing Management Paper



Title: Marketing & Brand Management Proposal for Life Water’s Tranquil Water

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing Proposal for Tranquil Water 2.1. Logo and Slogan Development 2.2. Benefits of Bioplastics
  3. Public Relations Campaign 3.1. Promoting Life Water as a Greener Company 3.2. Managing Zara Leono’s Comments
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Title Page MGT540: Marketing Management Module Assignment: Marketing & Brand Management Proposal Student Name: Student ID: Date:


In today’s business landscape, environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility have become integral components of marketing and brand management. Life Water, a multi-million-dollar bottled water company situated outside Los Angeles, California, is facing a challenge as its local community accuses it of excessive water usage during California’s ongoing drought. This marketing and brand management proposal aims to address this challenge by creating a marketing plan for Life Water’s elite product line, Tranquil Water, emphasizing its use of bioplastics, and implementing a social media public relations (PR) campaign to promote Life Water as a greener company while managing the backlash from Ms. Zara Leono’s comments. The proposal is structured into two major sections:

  1. Marketing Proposal for Tranquil Water
  2. Public Relations Campaign

Marketing Proposal for Tranquil Water

MGT 540 Marketing Management Paper





MGT540: Marketing Management

Module Assignment: Marketing & Brand Management Proposal

The Purpose and Context

This assignment will help you to be able to assess a target market, create a marketing plan and manage the

public relations of a company.

Case Scenario

Life Water is a multi-million-dollar bottling water company that is 150 kilometers outside of Los Angeles,

California. Their local community is complaining that they are using too much water during California’s

current drought.

Life Water’s plant manager, Zara Leono, said on her personal social media page: “The water bottling industry

is not the one who uses the most water because all of the other beverages use more water to grown

additional products that are needed to create their beverages. We just sell water.”

Ms. Leono’s statement received mixed reactions, from Life Water’s critics. This is a critical time for Life Water

because they have recently spent five million dollars creating a greener company and Life Water is just

about to relaunch their elite product line, Tranquil Water, with a new bottle that is made from bioplastics.

You were chosen by the marketing team to create a marketing plan that includes the benefits of the

bioplastics as well as a logo for Tranquil Water. In addition, Life Water wants you to include a PR plan that

will promote the company’s greener plans and manage the backlash from Miss Leono’s comments.

Assignment Instructions

1. Using relevant industry information, create a marketing proposal that includes a new logo and

slogan for Tranquil Water, make sure to emphasize its use of bioplastics. (65%)

2. Create a social media PR campaign that promotes Life Water as a greener company, while also

manages Miss Leono’s comments. (35%)


1. 3,500 – 4,000 words (Titles, Sub-titles, Table of Content and References are NOT included in the word count) with APA Format

2. Double-spaced (2.0) or One and a Half (1.5) spaced

3. 12 pt. Times New Roman font

4. Page Number (footer, right bottom corner)

5. 4 major sections: Table of Content, Title Page, Main Body, References

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