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Medication Reconciliation Application Presentation

Medication Reconciliation Application Presentation


Title: Medication Reconciliation Application in EHR Implementation at Felder Community Hospital


  • Briefly introduce the importance of proper documentation and its role in healthcare organizations.
  • Highlight the significance of the Health Information Management (HIM) professional in ensuring quality of care, patient safety, and regulatory compliance.
  • Explain the purpose of the presentation: to discuss the medication reconciliation application in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation at Felder Community Hospital.

Advantages of Medication Reconciliation Application:

  1. Features of Medication Reconciliation Application:
    • Streamlined compilation of patient medication information from various sources.
    • Automated identification of medication discrepancies and potential issues.
    • Integration with pharmacy systems for accurate medication history.
  2. Improvement of Healthcare Delivery:
    • Enhances communication among healthcare providers, reducing errors due to miscommunication.
    • Facilitates seamless transitions of care between different departments and providers.
    • Supports evidence-based decision-making by providing comprehensive medication information.
  3. Enhancement of Patient Safety:
    • Reduces the risk of adverse drug events and interactions.
    • Alerts providers to potential allergies, contraindications, and duplications.
    • Improves patient engagement through accurate medication information sharing.
  4. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Aligns with regulatory standards for medication reconciliation and patient safety.
    • Supports audits and reporting requirements by maintaining accurate medication records.
    • Mitigates risks associated with non-compliance.

Implementation of Medication Reconciliation Application:

  • Collaborate with IT department to integrate the application into the EHR system.
  • Ensure user training to familiarize healthcare professionals with the new feature.
  • Establish protocols for data accuracy and timely reconciliation during patient encounters.

Ethical and Legal Considerations:

  1. Ethical and Legal Issues:
    • Protecting patient privacy and confidentiality under HIPAA regulations.
    • Ensuring accuracy and integrity of medication data to prevent patient harm.
    • Balancing the benefits of medication reconciliation with potential risks of over-reliance on automated systems.
  2. Ethical Guidelines for End Users:
    • Safeguard patient information: Only access and update medication records for patients under your care.
    • Verify accuracy: Cross-check and verify medication data before making changes.
  3. Consequences for Violations:
    • Disciplinary actions for intentional breaches of patient privacy.
    • Mandatory retraining on ethical and legal guidelines for minor violations.
    • Legal repercussions for severe breaches, involving regulatory authorities if necessary.


  • Recap the benefits of the medication reconciliation application.
  • Emphasize the importance of ethical and legal adherence in healthcare technology usage.
  • Express confidence in the positive impact of the EHR implementation on patient care, safety, and regulatory compliance.


  • List all sources cited in APA format.

Note: The above outline provides a structure for your presentation. You can expand on each point with relevant details, graphics, and examples in your multimedia presentation. Make sure to tailor the content to the specifics of Felder Community Hospital and the EHR implementation process.

Medication Reconciliation Application Presentation




Proper documentation is an important issue and area of concern to the health information management (HIM) professional. Quality of care, patient safety, and regulatory compliance are major focal points for all healthcare organizations. Health information management professionals serve as subject matter experts to ensure that clinical practices meet the requirements of external regulatory agencies as well as internal stakeholders. Health information management professionals can share their expertise by collecting and analyzing financial and clinical data that relate to the pharmacy department. The goal is for health information management professionals to be familiar with how pharmaceuticals impact reimbursement and with related standards surrounding pharmacy best practices.


You, as the HIM director of Felder Community Hospital, have been asked by the hospital CEO and CIO to create a presentation for a meeting with the board of directors. A new electronic health record (EHR) is being implemented in a staged manner at the hospital, and you will be explaining the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a medication reconciliation component to the EHR.



A. Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote), that includes presenter notes, about the medication reconciliation application of an EHR for the board of directors. Include the following in your presentation:

1. Explain the features of a medication reconciliation application as a selling point for the EHR.

2. Describe how the medication reconciliation function could be used to improve healthcare delivery as a selling point for the EHR.

3. Describe how the medication reconciliation function could improve patient safety as a selling point for the EHR.

4. Describe how the medication reconciliation function could improve regulatory compliance as a selling point for the EHR.

5. Explain how the medication reconciliation application could be implemented.

B. Within the multimedia presentation, explain the ethical and legal issues for the use of medication reconciliation applications under HIPAA by doing the following:

1. Discuss ethical and legal issues as they pertain to a medication reconciliation application.

2. Propose two ethical guidelines for end users of the medication reconciliation application at Felder Community Hospital.

3. Describe consequences that should be enforced at Felder Community Hospital for violating ethical or legal guidelines regarding the use of a medication reconciliation application.

C. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

D. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submissio

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