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Media Analysis: Poverty in Georgia.

Media Analysis: Poverty in Georgia.


Title: Poverty Impact on Children’s Success: Media Analysis

In the article “Harvard Study Shows Exactly How Poverty Impacts Children’s Success,” published on the Harvard Gazette website in 2019, the impact of poverty on children’s success and development is examined through the lens of a Harvard study. The article highlights the findings of the study, which reveal the detrimental effects of poverty on various aspects of a child’s life, including education, health, and future opportunities. It emphasizes that children growing up in poverty face numerous challenges that hinder their chances of achieving success later in life.

The critical assessment of this article begins with acknowledging its value in raising awareness about the far-reaching consequences of poverty on children. By presenting the findings of a Harvard study, the article lends credibility to its claims and underscores the severity of the issue. It frames poverty as a significant barrier to success and underscores the urgency of addressing this problem.

However, the article can be criticized for not delving deeper into the root causes of poverty, particularly in the context of Georgia. While it discusses the impact of poverty, it does not explore the systemic factors that contribute to poverty in the state, such as economic policies, access to quality education, and healthcare. To provide a more comprehensive understanding of the issue, it would be beneficial to examine the state-specific policies and social factors that perpetuate poverty in Georgia.

The media portrayal of poverty in this article is sympathetic, as it highlights the struggles faced by children growing up in poverty and advocates for greater support and intervention. This sympathetic portrayal can be helpful in mobilizing public opinion and encouraging policymakers to take action to address poverty.

Moving on to the second link, “Still Broke? Georgia’s Persistent Poverty Problem” by Rick Wartzman, published on Time, provides a critical assessment of Georgia’s poverty situation. Wartzman discusses the ongoing issue of poverty in Georgia and the challenges faced by low-income individuals and families. He emphasizes that despite economic growth in the state, poverty remains a persistent problem.

This article takes a critical perspective on poverty, pointing out the shortcomings of economic growth that fails to lift people out of poverty. It raises questions about the effectiveness of policies and economic development strategies in addressing the root causes of poverty in Georgia. By highlighting the persistence of poverty, the article serves as a critique of the state’s approach to poverty alleviation.

In summary, media coverage of poverty in Georgia varies from sympathetic to critical, depending on the source and the specific angle of the coverage. The Harvard study article focuses on the detrimental effects of poverty on children’s success and is sympathetic in its portrayal, emphasizing the urgency of addressing this issue. On the other hand, the article by Rick Wartzman takes a critical stance, highlighting the persistent nature of poverty in Georgia despite economic growth. These differing perspectives in media coverage can serve as assets by raising awareness and stimulating debate, but they can also be barriers when they fail to address the root causes of poverty and offer viable solutions. Addressing poverty in Georgia requires a comprehensive approach that considers both the immediate challenges faced by individuals and families and the systemic issues that perpetuate poverty in the state.

Media Analysis: Poverty in Georgia.






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Poverty in the News in Georgia 6

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You must use THIS TEMPLATE.

Approximately two to three pages for each assignment. Use Times New Roman Font. Use 12 point font. Use double space. Do not include a cover sheet or a reference page. UPLOAD in a word document NOT a pdf format.

First paragraph:

You should write a short summary of your assigned reading or podcast.

Second Section: This section (which will obviously be more than one paragraph, more likely two or three paragraphs) should include a critical assessment of the article as presented in the media. “Critical” does not mean to criticize the material but you need to discuss the positive/negative aspects of how the poverty/welfare policy or information was portrayed, how did the news media frame the problem, the main actors/characters/individuals. Articles from various sources will possibly give you different views of their activities.

Also, is poverty or welfare viewed sympathetically or critically by the media, and how does this help or hinder people or assistance? IN OTHER WORDS, can the media serve as an asset or a barrier to success for those in poverty?

Additionally, you may want to comment with research on HOW this is influenced by policies or other interests in Georgia. This part will take some research.

Other components of interest could include differences between mainstream versus alternative media coverage, how media sources inside and outside a country might portray the same issue, how organizations might attempt to influence how they are portrayed in the media, the significance of visual imagery (film, still photos) for presenting the issue, how individuals (leaders or rank and file activists) are portrayed, the political implications of the issue, how the media is a platform for issue dynamics, and so forth. There are countless other possibilities and you should feel free to explore what you believe is most fitting to your interests and the issue of poverty and welfare itself. Thus, you should feel free to modify any of these considerations, or better yet develop your own creative way to synopsize/synthesize your analysis of the social policy or issues resulting from poverty/welfare as seen through the media. There is a lot of flexibility in the write-up, so focus on what develops out of your media sources.

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