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Mastercard Paypass Elephant Commercial Advertisement Discussion

Mastercard Paypass Elephant Commercial Advertisement Discussion


Advertising appeals are strategies used in marketing to influence consumer perception and behavior. There are several common advertising appeals, and commercials often use a combination of them:

  1. Emotional Appeal: This appeal aims to evoke emotions in the audience. Commercials might use humor, happiness, sadness, fear, or anger to connect with viewers on an emotional level.
  2. Rational Appeal: Rational appeals provide logical reasons why a product or service is beneficial. They may present facts, statistics, or other evidence to persuade viewers.
  3. Scarcity Appeal: This appeal suggests that the product or offer is limited or available for a limited time, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging immediate action.
  4. Social Appeal: Commercials may show how using the product or service can help consumers fit in socially or gain acceptance among their peers.
  5. Sex Appeal: This appeal uses attractive or suggestive imagery to create interest and desire for the product.
  6. Fear Appeal: Fear appeals highlight the negative consequences of not using the product or service, aiming to create a sense of fear that motivates action.
  7. Humor Appeal: Humorous commercials use humor to entertain and engage viewers, making the brand or product more memorable.
  8. Nostalgia Appeal: This appeal taps into feelings of nostalgia and longing for the past, often using sentimental imagery or references.
  9. Bandwagon Appeal: These commercials suggest that everyone is using the product, creating a sense of belonging and encouraging viewers to join the trend.

To analyze the advertising appeals in the commercials you mentioned, “Mastercard Paypass Elephant Commercial” and “Dove Real Beauty Sketches,” you would need to watch the commercials and look for elements that align with the appeals listed above. Consider the emotions or messages they convey and how those elements might influence viewers’ perceptions and actions. Once you’ve watched the commercials, you can provide a more specific reflection on the appeals they use and their effectiveness in conveying their intended message.

Mastercard Paypass Elephant Commercial Advertisement Discussion

Question Description

I’m studying and need help with a Marketing question to help me learn.


Review the following two commercials by doing a Google search:

  • Mastercard Paypass Elephant Commercial”
  • “Dove Experiment Aims to Change the Way You See Yourself: Dove Real Beauty Sketches, You Are More Beautiful Than You Think”

Write a reflection on the commercials that answers the following question:

  • What kind of advertising appeal does it have?
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