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Marketing Magnolia Coffee Company Presentation

Marketing Magnolia Coffee Company Presentation


Strategy for Magnolia Coffee Company’s Marketing

1. Goal Market:

Individuals between 18 and 60 living in suburban locations outside large metropolitan centers with populations between 50,000 and 75,000 make up Magnolia Coffee Company’s target market. Thanks to the company’s location plan, this group serves as the main source of customers. In addition, the target market is defined by a desire for premium coffee, a feeling of belonging, and an interest in promoting fair trade and foreign coffee sourcing.

2. SMART KPIs and Marketing Objectives:

The first objective is to grow the customer base by 20% in the upcoming year.

KPI: Rate of new customers acquired each month.

Increasing the number of repeat customers by 15% is the second goal, which will improve customer loyalty and retention.

KPI: Rate of monthly client retention.

Objective 3: Within six months, increase internet sales by 25%.

KPI: Monthly income from internet sales.

The competitor’s SWOT analysis reveals its strengths.

Established awareness of the brand.

Wide selection of coffee.

Strong loyalty initiatives.

Efficient use of social media.


Little attention was paid to community involvement.

Varying in quality.

Restricted possibilities for ordering online.

Restricted alternatives for fair trade and sustainability.


Introduction of new suburban marketplaces.

Stepping up environmental and fair trade initiatives.

Utilizing alliances with nearby companies.

Increasing visibility online.


Saturation of the market.

Economic downturns impact consumer spending.

Developing rivals.

Negative comments and outcry on social media.

4. S.W.O.T. Analysis by Magnolia:


Characteristics of the hometown and community.

Desirable places close to busy streets.

The owner’s love of foreign fair trade coffees.

App for internet ordering and loyalty program.


Absence of a unified marketing plan.

Growth has stagnated recently.

Little presence on the Internet.

Insufficient use of social media.


Marketing strategy aimed at specific populations.

Extending programs related to sustainability and fair trade.

Making use of community collaborations.

Improving delivery and ordering alternatives over the Internet.


Higher level of competition.

The economic slump impacts consumer spending.

Unfavorable word of mouth brought on by inaction.

A failure to modify for shifting consumer patterns.

5. Value Proposition: “Madeira Coffee Company offers a global experience in a cup. We provide a warm, inviting venue for you to engage with your community by bringing the flavors of foreign fair trade coffees to your neighborhood. Savor fine coffee, contribute to sustainability, and take in what makes us unique—a hometown atmosphere.”

6. Empathy Map: Think and Feel: Customers want a sense of community and belonging in a laid-back setting.

Hear: They find out about Magnolia Coffee through word-of-mouth and social media.

Observe: They spot a welcoming coffee shop featuring fair trade options and a varied menu.

Say and Do: They use loyalty programs, post about their coffee experiences on social media, and recommend pals.

Pain: Lack of internet presence, uneven marketing, and stagnant growth.

Gains: Superior coffee, ties to the community, ease of use, and loyalty benefits.

7. Persona del cliente:

Name: Sarah Adores Coffee


30 to 40 years old

Place: A suburban region

Employment: Office Manager

Earnings: Middle Class


Values involvement in the community.

Prefers premium coffee.

Interested in sustainability and fair trading.

Likes to work in a comfortable setting and mingle with others.

Tech-savvy and enjoys placing orders online.

Pain Areas:

Few options for coffee in the area.

Absence of fair trade and sustainable options.

Desires increased Internet ordering convenience.

8. Customer Journey Map: Awareness Stage 1

Through online evaluations, word-of-mouth, and social media, Sarah became aware of Magnolia Coffee.

She learns about the coffee shop’s dedication to sustainability and fair trade.

Step 2: Deliberation

Sarah browses the menu and learns about loyalty programs on the Magnolia Coffee website.

She interacts with social media posts and reads evaluations from customers.

Step 3: Acquisition

Sarah stops at a Magnolia Coffee shop in her neighborhood, places her order, and signs up for the loyalty club.

She appreciates the welcoming personnel and comfortable setting.

Phase 4: Allegiance

Sarah goes back often to get her fix of coffee.

For convenience, she uses the online ordering app, where she may earn incentives.

Step 5: Lobbying

Sarah posts about her experiences on social media and recommends Magnolia Coffee to others.

She takes on the role of brand ambassador, actively pushing Magnolia Coffee.

9. Non-Customer Conflict:

First friction: insufficient marketing and exposure online.

Solution: Use social media, targeted online ads, and SEO optimization as part of a holistic digital marketing strategy to connect with potential clients.

Second friction point: There are not enough online ordering alternatives.

Solution: Include features like mobile payments and delivery choices in the online ordering app to improve the user experience and make it smoother for customers.

Friction 3: Lack of community involvement and stagnant progress.

One possible solution to foster a better feeling of community is establishing connections with local businesses, organizing community events, and actively interacting with customers on social media.

A fourth friction is the scarcity of fair trade and sustainable options.

The company’s commitment to sustainability can be communicated through marketing campaigns, and the range of fair trade coffee can be expanded.

10. Optional Marketing Plan: Promotional Approaches

Tailored Digital Advertising: Use Facebook and Instagram’s tailored online ads to reach the intended population.

Content marketing: Write interesting blog entries and social media pieces that showcase worldwide coffee flavors, fair trade initiatives, and local history.

Community Engagement: To foster stronger links among the community, hold frequent activities such as open mic nights, art exhibits, and coffee tastings.

Enhanced Loyalty Program: To increase retention, give loyal customers access to exclusive prizes.

Enhancement of Online Ordering: Make the online ordering app more user-friendly by adding options for delivery and loyalty benefits.

Sustainability Campaign: To increase public knowledge of the company’s environmentally friendly efforts, launch a marketing campaign with a sustainability theme.

Partnerships: Work with local businesses and gyms to take advantage of cross-promotional opportunities.

Frequent Customer input: To continuously enhance the customer experience, gather and respond to customer input.

Data Analytics: Track KPIs with data analytics and modify marketing strategies as necessary.

Magnolia Coffee Company hopes to achieve its SMART marketing goals, encourage community involvement, and revitalize its marketing efforts by implementing these tactics and resolving customer friction.

Marketing Magnolia Coffee Company Presentation





The Magnolia Coffee Company was founded in 2009 in Summerville, South Carolina, when owner Dan Sumner went looking for a local neighborhood place to meet with friends and clients that was warm, welcoming, and inviting. After years of traveling and working abroad, Dan settled down outside of Charleston with his dog Buddy. Bringing his interest in international, fair trade coffees, he purchased and outfitted his first coffee shop out of what would be the first of over 200 local neighborhood retail locations across the Southeast United States.

Located in the suburbs outside of major metropolitan areas with populations of 50-75k people, each Magnolia Coffee Company location is known for its local hometown flavor and community ties. Retail locations are situated near heavily populated office buildings, high-traffic retail shopping and eating establishments, and next to gym and fitness studios.

Marketing has been more of a buckshot approach without consistent or strategic actions. Dan started building his marketing efforts by marketing to everyone who enjoys coffee. He also created a website, a Facebook page, and even an online app to assist with online ordering and a frequent customer rewards program. While word-of-mouth and some social media posts have gained a dedicated and loyal following, the last two years have seen stagnant growth. Dan is looking for a marketing plan that will help build his customer base and his bottom line.

You are tasked with creating a marketing plan for the Magnolia Coffee Company. More specifically, your objective is to provide the following:

  • Target Market
  • SMART Marketing Objectives and associated KPI
  • Competitor’s S.W.O.T.
  • Magnolia’s S.W.O.T
  • Value Proposition
  • Empathy Map
  • Customer Persona
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Customer Friction
  • Marketing Plan [Optional]

For the purpose of the projects, assume retail beverage products and costs are the same for Magnolia Coffee Company as it is with any competitors.

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