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Marketing Apple iWatch Stay Connected Stay Stylish Project

Marketing Apple iWatch Stay Connected Stay Stylish Project


PART ONE: Generational Market Segments in the US

  1. Baby Boomers:
    • Birth Years: 1946-1964
    • Age Range: 57-75
    • Approximate Population Size in the US: 73 million
    • Key Characteristics:
      • Value traditional values and work ethic.
      • Prefer in-person interactions and face-to-face communication.
      • Financial security, retirement, and health are important.
      • Influenced by historical events like the Vietnam War and civil rights movements.
    • Marketing Tactics:
      • Advertising: Use nostalgic and emotional appeals, highlighting reliability and trustworthiness.
      • Public Relations: Emphasize community involvement and corporate responsibility.
      • Sales Promotion: Offer discounts, loyalty programs, and bundled deals.
    • Advertising Mediums: TV, radio, print (newspapers, magazines), and digital (email marketing, websites).
  2. Millennials (Gen Y):
    • Birth Years: 1981-1996
    • Age Range: 27-42
    • Approximate Population Size in the US: 72 million
    • Key Characteristics:
      • Tech-savvy and digital natives.
      • Value experiences, authenticity, and sustainability.
      • Prioritize work-life balance and personal development.
      • Influenced by the rise of the internet and economic recession.
    • Marketing Tactics:
      • Advertising: Focus on authenticity, social causes, and innovation.
      • Public Relations: Highlight environmental initiatives and social responsibility.
      • Sales Promotion: Offer subscription services and personalized experiences.
    • Advertising Mediums: Digital (social media, online video), influencer marketing, and experiential marketing.

PART TWO: Apple iWatch Marketing Strategy

Overview Document:

For the Apple iWatch marketing campaign, we will target Baby Boomers and Millennials, representing two distinct generational segments.

  1. Baby Boomers:
    • Commercial Theme: “Timeless Connectivity”
    • Strategy: Highlight the iWatch’s reliability, health tracking, and seamless communication features that align with Baby Boomers’ values.
    • Advertising Medium: TV
    • Visuals: Show a confident Baby Boomer enjoying life, wearing the iWatch, tracking health, and effortlessly staying connected with family and friends.
    • Script:

      [Opening shot: A picturesque morning by a serene lake] Narrator (V.O.): “In a world where time is precious…”

      [Cut to a Baby Boomer couple taking a leisurely walk] Narrator (V.O.): “…meet the Apple iWatch, your timeless companion.”

      [Show iWatch tracking heart rate during exercise] Narrator (V.O.): “It’s not just a watch; it’s your health partner…”

      [Demonstrate sending a heartfelt message on iWatch] Narrator (V.O.): “…and your bridge to loved ones.”

      [Close-up of iWatch with the Apple logo] Narrator (V.O.): “Experience connectivity like never before with the Apple iWatch.”

      [Ending shot: The Baby Boomer couple smiles, holding hands] Narrator (V.O.): “Timeless Connectivity, only from Apple.”

  2. Millennials:
    • Commercial Theme: “Elevate Your Lifestyle”
    • Strategy: Showcase the iWatch’s innovative features, fitness tracking, and seamless integration into a modern, fast-paced lifestyle.
    • Advertising Medium: Online (social media platforms)
    • Visuals: A dynamic, fashion-forward Millennial embracing fitness, productivity, and style with the iWatch.
    • Script:

      [Opening shot: A bustling cityscape with Millennials on the move] Influencer (V.O.): “Hey, Millennials! Meet the Apple iWatch.”

      [Show iWatch tracking fitness stats during a workout] Influencer (V.O.): “It’s your personal trainer, tracking every move.”

      [Quick montage: Syncing iWatch with apps, sending texts, and checking notifications] Influencer (V.O.): “Stay ahead in style, control your world, and elevate your lifestyle.”

      [Zoom in on iWatch as it showcases various customizable watch faces] Influencer (V.O.): “With customizable watch faces, it’s all about you.”

      [Ending shot: The Millennial influencer smiles, wearing the iWatch] Influencer (V.O.): “Elevate your lifestyle with the Apple iWatch. Get yours now!”

These marketing strategies aim to resonate with the values and preferences of both Baby Boomers and Millennials, showcasing the versatility and benefits of the Apple iWatch for each generational segment.

Marketing Apple iWatch Stay Connected Stay Stylish Project






Generational Marketing is a commonly used phrase, but what does it mean? For this assignment, research the four generational market segments and answer the questions below. This profile should be comprehensive and in your words so don’t cut and paste random bullet points.

Be sure to cite your sources.

Generational Market Segments in the US:

  • Baby Boomer
  • Gen X
  • Millennials (Gen Y)
  • Generation Z

Profile Questions:

  • General Statistics
    • What years were they born?
    • How old are they?
    • What is the approximate population size in the US?
  • Key Characteristics
    • What’s important to them and what do they value?
    • What cultural, social, or macro-environmental events have shaped their view point?
  • Marketing Tactics
    • What marketing communication mix should be utilized? (Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Promotion, etc?)
    • What advertising mediums should be used? (TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Social Media, etc.)


Congratulations! You are now on the marketing team for Apple and are working to promote the Apple iWatch. You need to develop two 30 second commercials targeting different generational segments of consumers. Select 2 generational market segments (1 from Boomers or Gen X and 1 from Millenials or Gen Z) and draft a script for a 30 sec video commercial promoting the Apple iWatch to that generational segment either through TV or online. Use the TV Script template provided in the module. You’ll want to assess the features of the product and determine how the product will benefit your targeted consumer(s).

You’ll need to explain your strategy in an overview document, then submit your script for each consumer segment. The TV Script Template will allow you to describe your visuals then provide scripting including voice overs, dialogue, and sound effects.

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