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LAPC Economic Policies on Trade and Tariffs Research Paper

LAPC Economic Policies on Trade and Tariffs Research Paper


Executive Summary

This qualitative research report delves into the intricate interplay of economic policies related to trade and tariffs involving China and the European Union (EU) and their projected effects on the U.S. economy. The study draws from a comprehensive analysis of six reliable resources and employs the APA style format for in-text citations. This executive summary provides a concise overview of the research findings, highlighting key aspects of the research including past and recent recessions, the impact of tariffs on the U.S. job market, and the potential consequences of inflation.

The research report first investigates the historical context of recessions, both past and recent, to understand their causes and effects on the global economy. It is evident that economic downturns have been influenced by various factors, ranging from financial market instabilities to global supply chain disruptions. This context sets the stage for the examination of current economic policies.

The US-China trade war significantly impacted the global economic landscape, prompting shifts in trade dynamics and tariffs. The relationship between China and the U.S. has undergone fluctuations due to imposed tariffs and trade agreements. As highlighted in “The US-China Trade War and Implications for Europe,” the intricacies of this trade war have repercussions not only for China and the U.S. but also for Europe, underscoring the interconnectedness of the global economy.

Tariffs, as illustrated in “How Trump’s Tariffs Really Affected the U.S. Job Market,” have shown mixed outcomes for the U.S. employment sector. While certain industries experienced job gains due to import substitution, others witnessed adverse effects due to disrupted supply chains and retaliatory measures from trading partners. It is crucial to consider the nuanced impacts of tariffs on various sectors within the U.S. economy.

Inflation emerges as a pressing concern, propelled by a range of factors. Research indicates that recent inflation concerns, as discussed in “U.S. Treasury’s Yellen tamps down inflation fears over Biden spending plan,” are linked to expansive fiscal policies, supply chain disruptions, and post-pandemic economic recoveries. These inflationary pressures pose challenges for monetary policymakers in maintaining price stability while supporting economic growth.

Furthermore, the research delves into the relationship between the U.S., China, and the EU in the context of trade and tariffs. The U.S.’s engagement with both China and the EU shapes global trade dynamics. The Biden administration’s approach to international relations, as mentioned in “Joe Biden wants to Europeanise the American welfare state,” introduces potential shifts in policy directions, impacting trade agreements and cooperation.

In conclusion, this research underscores the intricate relationships and dynamics that characterize the global economic landscape. The impacts of trade policies, tariffs, and inflation are far-reaching and interconnected, necessitating a comprehensive and balanced approach to policy-making. The implications of these policies on the U.S. economy are multifaceted, influencing sectors as diverse as employment, trade, and inflation. As the world economy continues to evolve, policymakers must navigate these complexities to ensure sustainable economic growth and stability.

Note: The above summary is a concise representation of the research findings and insights gathered from the provided resources. For a complete and in-depth understanding, it is recommended to refer to the full 2-page research report.

LAPC Economic Policies on Trade and Tariffs Research Paper



This is a qualitative research assignment, write a 2 pg’s executive summary. Please reflect using  your critical thinking on the current economic topics: Tariffs and Trade on China, on EU and the effects on the U.S. Economy.


Pease examine the economic policies on trade and tariffs on China, the EU and how they will affect the U.S. Economy.  Through your qualitative research reflect in a journal report of 2pgs long double space (APA or Chicago style format) and use 6 resources as well as in-text citation.  (no wikipedia or any other open source media).

Guidelines to Consider for your Research: 

Examine past and recent recessions causes and effects

Recent new on inflation and why it was caused and consequences

Check the relationship of China’s trade and agreement on Tariffs as well as with the EU

Some Suggested Readings Links: 

The US-China Trade War and Implications for Europe (Links to an external site.)

How Trump’s Tariffs Really Affected the U.S. Job Market (Links to an external site.)

Which US communities are most affected by Chinese, EU and NAFTA Tariffs (Links to an external site.)

What comes after coronavirus for economy? Worry about stagflation (Links to an external site.)

U.S. Treasury’s Yellen tamps down inflation fears over Biden spending plan (Links to an external site.)

Joe Biden wants to Europeanise the American welfare state (Links to an external site.)

Biden signs $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law (Links to an external site.)

‘Healthy debate,’ but no breakthroughs in Biden’s critical talks with China’s Xi Jinping

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