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Journal Assignment: Leader Prototypicality and Personal Leadership Style

Journal Assignment: Leader Prototypicality and Personal Leadership Style



Journal assignment on leader prototyping and personal leadership style, emphasizing the need of group members identifying with their leader.

Group members’ identification with their leader is critical because it generates a sense of unity, trust, and shared purpose inside the group. When a leader embodies the group’s values, norms, and aspirations, members are more likely to feel connected and devoted to both the leader and the group’s objectives. This alignment improves group cohesion, motivation, and effectiveness. According to Chang (2021), leader prototypicality has a beneficial influence on followers’ attitudes since it supports their sense of belonging and identification within the group.

Leader Individuality vs. Group Prototyping

There are occasions when a leader’s individualism is more significant than group prototypicality, especially in situations requiring innovation, crisis management, or challenging the group to think differently. In such cases, a leader’s distinct perspective, innovation, and decisiveness can motivate and steer the group through unknown ground. Group prototypicality, on the other hand, is more crucial when stability, unity, and obedience to established norms and values are required. During times of transition or uncertainty, a prototype leader can soothe and ground the group by expressing its essential identity.

Personal leadership style and individuality vs. prototypicality.

Reflecting on my personal leadership style, there are certain situations where my distinctiveness may be more significant than group prototypicality:

Innovation and Creativity: When the group is charged with developing new goods or strategies, my unique ideas and creative approach can propel the team to groundbreaking solutions. In these situations, my individualism can spark creative thought and encourage the group to consider new ideas.

Crisis Management: During a crisis, decisive and unconventional leadership may be required. My ability to remain calm under pressure and think outside the box allows me to provide clear direction and effective answers, even if they differ from the group’s standard norms.

On the other hand, there are occasions in which group prototypicality may be more essential than my individuality:

Cultural Integration: In situations where it is vital to retain and reinforce the group’s culture and values, embodying the group’s archetypal qualities can assist reinforce these standards. For example, exhibiting the group’s basic values and practices during new member onboarding can help to ensure smoother integration and alignment.

Change Management: When executing big organizational changes, having a prototype leader can help obtain group members’ buy-in. By exemplifying the group’s identity, I may increase trust and lessen resistance to change, resulting in a smoother transition.


The concept of followership emphasizes the reciprocal interaction between leaders and followers. Effective followership necessitates trust, loyalty, and active participation from group members, which are created when leaders are viewed as prototypes. However, followers value and respect leaders that display originality and sincerity, especially when it results in excellent outcomes.

Value System and Personal Leadership Conceptual Framework

My value system is based on integrity, empathy, innovation, and teamwork. These values inform my leadership style and decision-making processes:

Integrity: I value honesty and ethical behavior, which is consistent with being a model leader because it fosters trust and credibility.
Empathy: Understanding and considering the opinions and needs of group members helps me connect with them and create a helpful environment.
Encouraging innovation and fresh ideas displays my uniqueness and ability to guide the group to innovative solutions.
Collaboration: Valuing teamwork and communal accomplishment is consistent with being a prototype leader, as it promotes shared goals and mutual support.
These ideals are central to my Personal Leadership Conceptual Framework, directing how I combine the need for individualism with group prototypicality. In essence, my leadership style is adaptive, allowing me to embrace the group’s identity when necessary while simultaneously harnessing my particular skills to create innovation and overcome obstacles.

In conclusion, the significance of leader prototypicality and individuality varies according on the context and demands of the group. Leaders who understand when to stress each facet may effectively navigate various situations, encouraging both unity and growth. My personal leadership style, which is supported by my value system, enables me to achieve a balance between embodying the group’s identity and using my individuality to lead effectively.




Leader prototypicality is defined by how well a leader embodies and represents members of their group and has been found to foster favorable attitudes (Chang, 2021). For this journal assignment you will consider the importance of leader prototypicality and connect it to your personal leadership style. You will also describe your value system and connect it to your Personal Leadership Framework.

First, consider the following questions:

  • How important is it for group members to identify with their leader? Why?
  • Are there times or situations when leader individuality may be more or less important than group prototypicality?
  • Think about your personal leadership style. When might your individuality be more important than group prototypicality? When might group prototypicality be more important than your individuality?

Then in your journal, write about circumstances when your individuality might be more important than group prototypicality. Also describe situations when the reverse might be true. Use the following concepts in your writing:

  • The concept of followership
  • How your value system is structured
  • How your value system ties into your overall Personal Leadership Conceptual Framework

Submit your assignment here. Make sure you’ve included all the required elements by reviewing the guidelines and rubric.


Chang, J.W. (2021). Leader group prototypicality and reactions to leader transgressions. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations 25(7), 1880-1904.

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