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ITSM 607 AU Computer Science System Test and Verification Worksheet

ITSM 607 AU Computer Science System Test and Verification Worksheet


Title: “Cloud Computing Trends 2023: What to Expect in the Cloud Industry”

Synopsis: This recent article discusses the evolving landscape of cloud computing in 2023. It highlights several key trends and developments in the industry. Some of the key takeaways from the article include:

  1. Edge Computing Integration: The article emphasizes the growing importance of edge computing, as organizations look to process data closer to the source to reduce latency and enhance real-time decision-making.
  2. Multi-Cloud Adoption: Many businesses are increasingly adopting a multi-cloud strategy to avoid vendor lock-in and leverage the unique strengths of different cloud providers.
  3. Security and Compliance: Cloud security remains a top concern, and the article discusses the adoption of advanced security measures and compliance frameworks in the cloud.
  4. AI and Machine Learning Integration: Cloud providers are enhancing their AI and machine learning capabilities, allowing businesses to leverage these technologies for data analysis and automation.
  5. Hybrid Cloud Solutions: The article highlights the continued relevance of hybrid cloud solutions, enabling businesses to maintain a balance between on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure.
  6. Cost Optimization: Cloud cost management tools and practices are becoming more critical as companies seek to optimize their cloud spending.

Now, let’s move on to Question 3, Part 1, where you need to provide information about your fictitious company and the rationale for adopting cloud computing:

Title Page:

Company Information:

  • Company Name: XYZ Tech Solutions
  • Company Size: Mid-sized, with approximately 500 employees
  • Company Description: XYZ Tech Solutions specializes in providing IT consulting services to a wide range of clients, helping them streamline their technology infrastructure and enhance their digital capabilities.
  • Current Network Architecture and Locations: The company currently operates with a traditional on-premises data center located at its headquarters in New York City.

Business Driver: We propose adopting cloud computing to enhance scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency for our clients. By migrating to the cloud, we can offer more agile and scalable solutions, enabling our clients to adapt quickly to changing business demands.

Deployment Model: We recommend a hybrid cloud deployment model. This choice allows us to maintain some critical on-premises infrastructure while leveraging the benefits of public and private clouds for scalability and redundancy. This model aligns with our clients’ diverse needs.

Main Benefit: The primary benefit of this hybrid cloud model is improved agility and scalability, allowing us to quickly adjust resources to meet client demands while maintaining data security and control.

Provider, Capacity, and Cost:

  • Cloud Provider: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Reason for Selection: AWS offers a comprehensive set of services, a global presence, and a strong track record in the industry, aligning well with our clients’ needs.
  • Estimated Size and Resource Requirements: Initial estimation indicates the need for approximately 100 virtual machines and 10 TB of storage.
  • Cost Determination: We conducted a detailed cost analysis based on our projected resource requirements and AWS pricing.

Cloud Type: Our hybrid cloud model will encompass both public (AWS) and private (on-premises) components. This choice allows us to balance cost-efficiency with data security and control.

Future State of IT Infrastructure: We plan to grow our business, and as a result, we anticipate expanding our cloud resources. This growth will require additional space and resources to accommodate our increasing client base and their evolving IT needs.

ITSM 607 AU Computer Science System Test and Verification Worksheet





Question 2: Post a link to a recent article related to cloud computing. provide a brief synopsis of that article.

Question 3:

Part 1

Your paper should have the following information:

Title Page

Company Information

  • The name of the company (can be real of made up). The company should remain the same for part 1 and 2.
  • The size of the company
  • A brief description of the work the company does
  • The current network architecture and location(s) of the company

Business Driver

  • Why are you proposing the business adopt cloud computing?
  • What deployment model are you proposing and why? (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.). Note – you can have multiple models based on your business type.
  • What is the main benefit of this business model?

Provider, Capacity, and Cost

  • What cloud provider do you propose using (example: AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, etc.)
    • Identify why you selected this company.
  • What is the estimated size and resource requirements needed?
    • Identify how you determined this.
  • What is the cost?
    • Break down the costs (i.e. software, resources, accounts, etc.)
  • Will the cloud be public, private, community, or hybrid?
    • Describe what this means and why you selected this model.
  • What is the future state of the IT infrastructure?
    • Do you plan on growing the business?
    • Will you need more space? Why?
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