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Isolation Due To Social Media Paper

Isolation Due To Social Media Paper


Certainly, violence is a significant social issue that affects societies on multiple levels. To create an outline of an argument regarding violence, I’ll need to find a relevant newspaper editorial on the subject. However, since I can’t access current newspaper articles, I’ll generate a hypothetical example to demonstrate the process of constructing an argument outline. Keep in mind that the following example is fictional and is meant to illustrate the approach:

Social Issue: Violence

Newspaper Editorial Example:

Title: “Addressing Youth Violence: A Call for Comprehensive Intervention”


  • Introduction to the issue of youth violence and its impact on communities.
  • Statement of the importance of understanding the causes and potential solutions.

Argument Outline:

Premise 1: Youth violence is on the rise in urban areas, leading to detrimental consequences for both individuals and communities.

  • Supporting evidence: Statistics showing an increase in youth-related crime rates and violent incidents in urban settings.
  • Citation: Doe, J. (2022). Youth Violence Trends in Urban Areas. Journal of Community Safety, 42(3), 156-172.

Premise 2: The root causes of youth violence can be traced back to systemic socio-economic inequalities, lack of access to quality education, and limited employment opportunities.

  • Supporting evidence: Research highlighting the correlation between poverty, lack of education, and engagement in violent behavior among young individuals.
  • Citation: Smith, A. B. (2020). Socio-Economic Factors and Youth Violence. Social Justice Research, 30(2), 87-105.

Premise 3: Comprehensive intervention strategies that address both the immediate needs of at-risk youth and the underlying systemic issues are necessary to reduce youth violence.

  • Supporting evidence: Examples of successful intervention programs that combine mentorship, educational support, and job training to steer young individuals away from violence.
  • Citation: Johnson, C. D. (2019). Effective Intervention Models for Youth Violence Prevention. Journal of Youth Studies, 15(4), 567-584.

Missing Premise: The effectiveness of intervention programs is contingent on collaboration among government agencies, community organizations, and educational institutions.

  • Additional supporting evidence needed to establish the importance of collaboration and partnerships in implementing successful intervention strategies.

Conclusion: By addressing the systemic causes of youth violence and implementing comprehensive intervention strategies, societies can mitigate the rise of violent incidents among young individuals and create safer communities.

Scholarly Source for Support: Smith, E. F. (2018). Understanding the Complex Relationship Between Poverty and Violence. Annual Review of Criminology, 5, 189-206.


  • The argument primarily follows a deductive approach, as it presents premises that lead logically to the conclusion.
  • The principle of charity is employed by acknowledging the complexity of the issue and the need for multi-faceted solutions.
  • While the argument is structured logically, more emphasis on the missing premise and the importance of collaboration would enhance its validity.
  • Further external sources would be needed to determine the soundness of the argument.

Remember, this is a hypothetical example, and you would need to find a real newspaper editorial and relevant scholarly sources to construct a complete and accurate argument outline on the topic of violence. Additionally, make sure to adhere to the APA formatting guidelines and cite your sources properly.

Isolation Due To Social Media Paper



Using the concepts of Arguments and Meaning in Social Issues select one social issue that particularly interests you. Then find a newspaper editorial on the subject and construct an outline of an argument made on the subject. Be sure to distinguish between an argument and an explanation. For a good example of how you might approach this, see page 46ff of van Cleave (2016).

What are the main conclusions? Premises? What premises are missing? What is their conclusion? Using external scholarly sources, can you determine if the argument is sound? (Refer to Van Cleave, 2016, Chapter 1.) Is the argument inductive, deductive, or a mixture of both? You should employ the principle of charity to understand the argument at hand.


Cite all claims and ideas using scholarly sources. While it is acceptable to write in the first person, be sure to cite your sources to support your inferences.

Paper should be four to five pages in length and APA format including at least one or two scholarly.

Papers should be double-spaced, 12-point font Times New Roman including introduction and conclusion.

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