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Introduction to Modern Philosophy

Introduction to Modern Philosophy


In the Medieval Age, the dominant “science” was scholasticism, particularly in Western Europe. Scholasticism was a philosophical and theological system that emerged in the Middle Ages and was heavily influenced by the works of philosophers like Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus. It sought to reconcile and harmonize Christian theology with the works of classical philosophers, especially Aristotle. Scholasticism was characterized by its rigorous use of logic and dialectical reasoning to explore and systematize theological and philosophical concepts.

However, in the modern age, scholasticism was supplanted by what is often referred to as the “Scientific Revolution” and the subsequent rise of empirical science. The Scientific Revolution, which began in the 16th and 17th centuries, marked a significant shift in the way knowledge was pursued and understood. Prominent figures like Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton challenged the traditional scholastic approach by emphasizing empirical observation, experimentation, and mathematical modeling to explain natural phenomena. This new approach laid the foundation for what we now recognize as modern science.

The shift from scholasticism to empirical science had several significant implications for the topics, questions, and approaches taken by philosophers of the modern era:

  1. Empirical Observation: Modern philosophers and scientists placed a strong emphasis on direct observation and empirical evidence. This shift led to a greater focus on the natural world and the exploration of physical phenomena, rather than purely abstract theological or metaphysical questions.
  2. Mathematization of Nature: With the rise of modern science, mathematics became a fundamental tool for describing and understanding the natural world. This shift influenced philosophers to engage with mathematical concepts and consider their implications for our understanding of reality.
  3. Separation of Science and Theology: Unlike scholasticism, which sought to harmonize theology and philosophy, modern science often operated independently of religious dogma. This separation allowed for a more secular and objective pursuit of knowledge, leading to greater freedom in exploring new ideas.
  4. Empiricism and Skepticism: Empirical science encouraged a skeptical attitude toward accepted beliefs and traditional authorities. Philosophers like René Descartes and David Hume, for example, questioned the reliability of sensory perception and laid the groundwork for modern epistemology.
  5. Technological Advancements: The rise of modern science led to technological advancements that transformed society. Philosophers grappled with the ethical and moral implications of these technological changes, leading to discussions about the role of science and technology in human life.

In summary, the transition from scholasticism to modern empirical science had a profound impact on the topics, questions, and approaches taken by philosophers of the modern era. It shifted the focus from abstract metaphysical speculation to the systematic investigation of the natural world, emphasized empiricism and the scientific method, and contributed to the development of new philosophical inquiries related to knowledge, ethics, and the relationship between science and society.

Introduction to Modern Philosophy

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What “science” was supreme in the Medieval Age, according to Coplestone, and what supplanted it in the modern age?  What significance do you think that had on the topics, questions, and approaches philosophers of the modern era took?

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