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Initial Meeting and Rapport.

Initial Meeting and Rapport.


Both responses provide valuable insights into the importance of the initial meeting between a case manager and a client and how to establish a positive rapport. Let’s discuss each response individually:
A.) This response emphasizes the significance of the initial meeting in setting the tone for the case. It correctly highlights the case manager’s role in creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for the client. The mention of essential skills like listening, interpreting, and questioning underscores the importance of effective communication in the helping relationship. The reference to keeping the office clean, open, and facing the client is practical advice for creating a non-intimidating atmosphere. Providing water or beverages further demonstrates a client-centered approach. However, it could benefit from more specific examples or personal experiences to illustrate these points.
B.) This response delves into the factors necessary to achieve successful initial interview outcomes. It rightly emphasizes the importance of open-ended questions, building a communicative relationship, and acknowledging the client’s concerns. Additionally, it brings up the crucial aspect of respecting cultural differences, which is often overlooked but highly significant in case management. The personal approach of initiating conversations with casual topics, positioning oneself next to the client, and using non-evasive questions demonstrates practical strategies for creating a relaxed environment. The mention of valuing diversity and avoiding an authoritative attitude aligns with client-centered and culturally sensitive practices.
In summary, both responses contribute valuable insights into the key elements of an effective initial meeting between a case manager and a client. Response A provides practical advice on the physical setup of the meeting space, while Response B emphasizes the importance of communication techniques and cultural sensitivity. Combining these insights would create a well-rounded approach to establishing rapport and facilitating productive initial meetings in a case management context.

 Initial Meeting and Rapport.



Response should add value by advancing the discussion

A.) The initial meeting will set the tone and rapport for the case. Several things must occur in order to do so. “The interview is an opportunity for the case manager ad applicant to get to know one another, define the person’s need or problem, and give some structure to the helping relationship” (Woodside & McClam, 2018,183). The case manager must also possess certain skills that allow clients to feel as if they can express themselves and establish a rapport. In order to do so a case manager must be a skillful listener, interpreter, and questioner. (Woodside & McClam, 2018). These skills are vital for a client and helper relationship.

To begin, I would ensure that the office was clean and not cluttered. It would have an open and inviting. When speaking to the client, I would ensure that I was not behind a desk. I would make sure that we were in an open space facing each other. If I were to sit behind a desk, it may make the client uncomfortable. This may make it seem as if I am in a position of authority, and cause the client to become uncomfortable. I would ensure that I had water or beverages to create a welcoming environment.

Woodside, M. and McClam, T. (2018). Generalist Case Management: A Method of Human Service Delivery (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

B.) The factors that are necessary to accomplish the three outcomes come from the primary objectives of interviewing. A case manager should engaged the client with open ended questions to help build a communicative relationship. According to Woodson and McClam (2018), “getting a client to explore their current situation and communicate their understanding is useful in determining the problem and strengths of the client” (pg.83). Building the relationship begins during the interview process, so it is necessary for the case to create an environment of comfort so the client doesn’t feel intimidated. The case manager should reflect and acknowledge the clients concerns about the problem in hand and seek input on what the client would like to happen. Woodson and McCLam (2018) states, “Desirable outcomes in [an] interview establishes a rapport to enable an atmosphere of understanding and comfort; [furthermore], to make the applicant feel understood and accepted; and allow the client the opportunity to talk about concerns and goals(p. 183). One other key factor for case management is respecting culture differences.

When I have to complete intake application for my agency I always initiate the conversation by talking about the weather or community events, instead of jumping right into the interview process. Secondly, I position myself next to the client instead of across from them to create a relax environment. As I am asking questions I give eye contact, smiles and very conscious of my body language. When seeking more information I will use non-evasive questions to get the client to open up more. The one think I value is diversity and not having an authoritative attitude when engaging with clients.

Woodson, M. and McClam, T. (2018) Generalist case management: A method of human service delivery (5th ed). Boston, MA., Cengage Learning

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