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Improving Safety Design Reviews.

 Improving Safety Design Reviews.


Example of a Safety Design Review:

At my previous organization, which manufactured industrial machinery, we regularly conducted safety design reviews for new product development. Here’s how the process typically worked:

  1. Initiation: The safety design review process was initiated at the beginning of the product development cycle when the initial design concepts were being formulated.
  2. Team Formation: A cross-functional team was assembled, including engineers, safety professionals, and representatives from manufacturing and quality assurance.
  3. Review of Regulations and Standards: The team would begin by reviewing relevant safety regulations and standards specific to the industry and product type. This included standards from organizations like ANSI, ISO, and OSHA.
  4. Hazard Identification: The team systematically identified potential hazards associated with the product. This included electrical, mechanical, chemical, and ergonomic hazards, among others.
  5. Risk Assessment: Each identified hazard was assessed for its severity, likelihood, and potential consequences. Risks were prioritized based on these factors.
  6. Design Modifications: Based on the risk assessment, design modifications were proposed to eliminate or reduce identified hazards. This might involve changing materials, adding safety guards, or redesigning control systems.
  7. Validation: The proposed design modifications were reviewed by the team to ensure they effectively addressed the identified hazards without introducing new risks.
  8. Documentation: Detailed records of the safety design review process were maintained, including meeting minutes, design change proposals, and risk assessment reports.
  9. Approval: The final design, along with safety modifications, was subject to approval by senior management and safety experts.
  10. Implementation: Once approved, the safety design modifications were incorporated into the product’s design and manufacturing processes.

Ways to Improve the Safety Design Review Process:

  1. Early Involvement: Ensure that safety professionals are involved from the very beginning of the design process to identify and address potential safety issues at the concept stage.
  2. Continuous Monitoring: Implement a system for continuous safety monitoring throughout the product’s lifecycle, not just during initial design. Products should be periodically reviewed for safety improvements even after they are in use.
  3. Interdisciplinary Training: Provide training for all team members on safety principles and standards to foster a culture of safety awareness.
  4. Use of Technology: Incorporate modern tools and technologies like computer-aided design (CAD) software with built-in safety analysis capabilities to streamline the design review process.
  5. Customer Feedback: Solicit feedback from end-users and customers to identify potential safety concerns in real-world applications.
  6. Regular Updates: Keep abreast of evolving safety regulations and standards to ensure compliance.
  7. Transparency: Promote transparency in the safety design review process by sharing findings and design changes with relevant stakeholders.

By continuously improving the safety design review process and integrating safety considerations into every phase of product development, organizations can minimize risks and create safer products for their customers and employees.

 Improving Safety Design Reviews.





Share with the class an example of a safety design review at your organization.

Are there ways it could be improved? If you are not yet a safety professional, find out if your current organization has safety design reviews or find examples of recent project designs or purchases that you feel would have been made safer through a safety design review process.

Please review the following Prevention Through Design https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/ptd/ and  https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/programs/ptdesign/defaul…

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