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Health & Medical Analysis Process and Data Gathering Tools Essay

Health & Medical Analysis Process and Data Gathering Tools Essay


Data Gathering & Analysis Process for Trevor – World’s Toughest Mudder

1. Data Collection: To effectively analyze Trevor’s performance in the World’s Toughest Mudder competition, specifically in sprinting and climbing, we will utilize a combination of photos, videos, and data tracking tools.

2. Data Gathering Tools:

  • Video Recording: We will record Trevor’s practice sessions and actual competition performances in both sprinting and climbing. These videos will provide a detailed visual of his techniques, form, and strategies during each skill.
  • Photographs: High-quality photographs will be taken at various intervals to capture key moments in Trevor’s movements, body positioning, and expressions. These images will supplement the video footage and allow for detailed analysis.
  • GPS Tracking Device: For sprinting, we will use a GPS tracking device to measure his speed, distance, and pace during training sessions and competitions.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Both skills require significant cardiovascular effort. A heart rate monitor will help us track his heart rate trends, ensuring he’s training and performing at optimal intensities.

3. Analysis Process: a. Video Analysis: We will break down the video footage into specific phases:

  • Starting Position: Analyze his initial stance, balance, and posture before the skill.
  • Execution Phase: Observe his technique, body mechanics, and movement efficiency during the skill.
  • Transition Phase: Evaluate his transitions between different aspects of the skill, such as moving from sprinting to climbing.
  • Finish Phase: Assess his posture, form, and energy levels as he completes the skill.

b. Photograph Analysis: We will focus on freeze-framing moments from the photos to examine:

  • Body Alignment: Analyze his alignment during key movements to identify any issues in posture or positioning.
  • Grip and Contact Points: Assess his grip on obstacles during climbing and his interaction with the ground during sprinting.

c. GPS and Heart Rate Data Analysis: For sprinting:

  • Speed and Pace: Analyze his speed variations during different parts of the race.
  • Acceleration: Identify moments of sudden acceleration or deceleration.
  • Heart Rate Zones: Correlate heart rate data with speed and elevation changes to understand his cardiovascular effort.

4. Analysis Sheet: a. Skill: Sprinting:

  • Starting Phase Analysis: Initial stance, positioning, and reaction time.
  • Execution Phase Analysis: Stride length, cadence, arm swing, and running form.
  • Transition Analysis: Approach to obstacles or changes in terrain.
  • Finish Phase Analysis: Final sprint, posture, and energy levels.

b. Skill: Climbing:

  • Starting Phase Analysis: Approach to the climbing obstacle, grip positioning.
  • Execution Phase Analysis: Climbing technique, grip strength, body coordination.
  • Transition Analysis: Descent from the obstacle or transition to the next phase.
  • Finish Phase Analysis: Successful completion posture, energy levels.

5. Feedback Organization: Feedback will be organized based on the analysis sheet phases for each skill:

  • Strengths and improvements for each phase.
  • Key technical pointers and form adjustments.
  • Cardiovascular and endurance observations.
  • Recommendations for specific training drills to enhance performance.

By employing this comprehensive data gathering and analysis process, we will gain a holistic understanding of Trevor’s performance in both sprinting and climbing, enabling targeted training and improvements for his participation in the World’s Toughest Mudder competition.

Health & Medical Analysis Process and Data Gathering Tools Essay



Data Gathering & Analysis Process

For this assignment you will finalize your analysis process and data gathering tools as you prepare to analyze your chosen athlete during each of your 2 skills.

My athlete is Trevor, his sport is worlds toughest mudder, the skills are sprinting and climbing

In the assignment text box

  1. Present your specific photos, videos, and analysis tools for my review.
  2. Present your intended analysis process. Explain your chosen analysis tools, apps, visuals, etc in a way that showcases your process of data collection.
  3. Provide a brief description of how you will develop your Analysis sheet for each of your skills. This description will include what phases you will analyze and how you will organize your feedback.
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