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HCS465 Influencers in Healthcare Research Discussion

HCS465 Influencers in Healthcare Research Discussion


1.) The role of healthcare administrators in research projects is crucial for efficient project management and resource allocation. They contribute by reviewing studies, evaluating costs, and facilitating the implementation of research initiatives. External influences, particularly stakeholders, play a pivotal role in research utilization. Stakeholders, including healthcare institutions, insurers, policymakers, and clinicians, invest in research and provide insights that enhance its relevance and impact. Among these, healthcare professionals stand out due to their front-line involvement. Their firsthand experience with patient needs and treatment dynamics equips them to offer valuable input for research direction. Healthcare professionals’ participation ensures that research aligns with real-world healthcare challenges, leading to informed medical decision-making and improved outcomes.

2.) Internal influences like healthcare employees and patients play a fundamental role in the accuracy and validity of research studies. The correct input of data by healthcare staff is essential for robust research outcomes. Patients’ consent and cooperation are crucial for ethically conducted studies. Moreover, the external influence of the environment can significantly impact research. For instance, in cross-cultural studies, language barriers necessitate translators for accurate data collection. Researchers might also need to immerse themselves in specific environments to understand diverse perspectives fully. For studies comparing healthcare quality across different regions, on-site observations in third-world countries can provide invaluable insights, ensuring data accuracy and contextual relevance. These internal and external influences collectively shape the integrity and applicability of research findings.

References: No references were used for this response as it is based on the information provided in the original posts.

HCS465 Influencers in Healthcare Research Discussion



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1.)Respond back to Post between 100-125 words) For internal influences. Healthcare administration of the research project can make an impact for research use because they have the responsibility of managing health care related projects and services. For research purpose, healthcare administrators can take part of reviewing studies and evaluations and assist with implementing costs management for the research project. For external influences, having the budget to implement the project can impact on research use such as the stakeholders. Stakeholders are groups or persons who are interested to invest into the research processes. It varies from consumers, clinicians, healthcare institutions, health insurance companies, and health care policymakers. The stakeholders’ involvement has great impact on research use to outline the importance of the research topic and to provide valuable information. I believe the healthcare professionals has the biggest influence on research because they are on the front lines of the healthcare industry so they are aware of the needs for improvements for the population that they serve and can make an effective medical decision making especially for the consumers. Healthcare professionals understand the needs of treatments and are the users to input data about treatments and diagnosis.

2.)Respond back to Post between 100-125 words)Some internal influences that can impact care research use are patients, and health care employees. In order to conduct research studies that are valid, the information must be correctly entered by health care staff, and patients have to give consent to use it. For example, a researcher wants to conduct a study that involves patients from different cultures. It would be necessary for the researcher to have help from translators that can speak to them in their native language rather than English and have a unseen language barrier. Although that patients might be English, they may interpret it a different way than it was meant. An external influence that can have an impact is the environment. Depending on the study, it might require the researcher to travel so that they can get a full understanding of the culture, and the people in that area. For example, if a researcher wanted to do a study on the differences in third world countries and first world countries on the quality of care given, that researcher may have to travel to a third world country in order to see it first hand and have more accurate data.

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