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HAS 5100 Rasmussen University Issue Brief for Healthcare Executives Discussion

HAS 5100 Rasmussen University Issue Brief for Healthcare Executives Discussion


Issue Summary: Quality, Access, and Costs in the American Healthcare System

The U.S. healthcare system is a complicated ecosystem with many stakeholders, each essential in determining how healthcare services are delivered, made accessible, and priced. To guarantee that everyone receives the proper care without jeopardizing the system’s ability to maintain itself financially, it is imperative to strike a balance between quality, access, and prices. In order to improve quality, access, and cost-effectiveness, this issue briefly investigates the responsibilities. It affects essential stakeholders in the American healthcare system and offers suggestions for improving their contributions.

1. Patients: At the center of the healthcare system are those seeking treatment to maintain and advance their health. They are responsible for actively participating in decisions about their care, following treatment regimens, and speaking up for their needs. Patients impact the system by calling for high-quality care, influencing how people use healthcare, and reviewing their experiences. To increase their impact:

Improve health literacy to give patients the power to decide for themselves.
Encourage patients and healthcare professionals to make decisions together.
Through education and awareness campaigns, promote active patient engagement.

2. The patient’s families: Families typically function as caregivers, offer emotional support, and decide on care. They impact the healthcare system by influencing treatment strategies, promoting patient rights, and helping patients recover. To better play their part:

Healthcare professionals should receive training on family-centered care.
Boost communication between families and the medical staff.
Assist families in understanding and coping with the patients’ situations by providing counseling and support services.

3. Doctors: To diagnose, treat, and manage patients’ medical conditions, doctors are essential. Making medical judgments, suggesting treatments, and using resources impact the system. To maximize their impact:

To match physician incentives with patient results, implement value-based care models.
Encourage interprofessional cooperation to make sure that care is thorough and well-coordinated.
Improve the teaching of evidence-based medicine and cost-effective approaches.

4. Employers: Through workplace wellness initiatives, occupational health services, and employer-sponsored health insurance, employers impact healthcare. Employees’ access to care and actions for health promotion show their impact. To strengthen their role:

Provide all-inclusive health insurance choices with an emphasis on early intervention.
Spend money on workplace wellness initiatives to encourage healthy habits.
Work with medical professionals to handle the unique medical requirements of your staff.

5. Insurance firms: By providing coverage and controlling financial risks, insurance firms help people access healthcare. They impact the system by deciding on coverage guidelines, negotiating provider payments, and influencing care utilization. To increase their impact:

To increase clarity and understanding, simplify insurance plan designs.
To lower long-term healthcare expenditures, make investments in preventative care programs.
Encourage value-based contracting to reward the provision of high-quality healthcare.

6. Pharmaceutical firms: Pharmaceutical firms create and supply medicines essential to managing and treating patients. Through drug innovation, accessibility, and pricing, they have an impact on the system. To maximize their impact:

Make sure you use logical pricing techniques and transparent medicine pricing.
Spend money on medical research and development that focuses on unmet needs.
Work together with stakeholders in healthcare to encourage sensible medication use.

7. The government has financial and regulatory responsibilities for the healthcare system. It influences healthcare through the formulation of policies, the distribution of funds, and the management of initiatives like Medicare and Medicaid. To increase the effect:

Put policies in place that support universal access to care for all populations.
Spend money on health IT infrastructure to make coordination and information exchange more accessible.
Support studies on healthcare delivery paradigms to find economical answers.

In conclusion, collaboration amongst various stakeholders is necessary to balance quality, access, and prices in the American healthcare system. The contribution of each stakeholder is crucial in determining the general landscape of healthcare delivery. Stakeholders may more effectively create a healthcare system that provides high-quality care, assures fair access, and maintains financial sustainability by implementing the recommended improvements. All Americans’ health outcomes will ultimately improve as a result of this coordinated strategy.

HAS 5100 Rasmussen University Issue Brief for Healthcare Executives Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a health & medical question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.


Due to your background as an expert consultant for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (or CMS), you have been encouraged to apply as Director of the agency. You are scheduled to interview with the top government executives in healthcare and must present information on the roles and impacts your future stakeholders have on healthcare.


Research the impact of various stakeholders on balancing quality, access, and costs. Stakeholders to include in your research are:


Patient’s families



Insurance companies

Pharmaceutical firms


Report your findings on the role of each stakeholder and the impact they have on the U.S. healthcare system in a detailed issue brief, including recommendations for improvements each stakeholder can make to improve quality, access, and costs.

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