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Gross National Happiness in Bhutan Reflection

Gross National Happiness in Bhutan Reflection


When reflecting on readings, it’s important to engage deeply with the material, extract key concepts, and relate them to personal experiences or interests. This reflective essay will provide a comprehensive analysis of the readings, incorporating examples and evidence from the articles to support my reflection, as well as discussing specific ideas or concepts that I found particularly engaging.

Reading Selection: For the purpose of this reflection, I will focus on two readings: “The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity” by Smith et al. and “The Psychology of Procrastination” by Steel. These readings cover vastly different topics but offer unique perspectives on important issues.

Comprehensive Analysis of the Readings:

  • “The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity” explores how climate change is affecting the world’s ecosystems and the species within them. The article provides a wealth of data and evidence showcasing the alarming decline in biodiversity due to rising global temperatures. It discusses how this decline in biodiversity has severe consequences for human well-being, as it disrupts ecosystems that provide essential services like clean air and water.
  • “The Psychology of Procrastination” delves into the human tendency to delay tasks and the psychological factors behind procrastination. The article analyzes how procrastination affects one’s life and offers strategies to overcome it. It also discusses the concept of time inconsistency and how understanding it can help individuals manage their procrastination tendencies more effectively.

Incorporating Examples and Evidence:

In “The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity,” the evidence presented is particularly striking. The article discusses how species such as polar bears are suffering due to the loss of their natural habitat as ice caps melt. It provides concrete data on the decline in certain bird populations due to changes in migration patterns, linking these changes to shifting weather patterns and climate change. These examples make the abstract concept of climate change’s impact on biodiversity more tangible and urgent.

In “The Psychology of Procrastination,” the evidence comes from both psychological studies and real-life examples. The article cites research on the negative effects of procrastination on academic and professional success. It also offers anecdotes from individuals who have overcome procrastination using various strategies. These examples highlight the universality of procrastination and the effectiveness of certain approaches to combat it.

Personal Reflection:

I found both readings to be thought-provoking and highly relevant to my life. “The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity” made me reflect on the urgent need for environmental action. As I read about the declining populations of various species, I couldn’t help but connect this to my own experiences of witnessing changes in weather patterns and ecosystems in my region. It inspired me to consider how I can contribute to mitigating climate change, even on a small scale.

“The Psychology of Procrastination” resonated with me on a personal level. As a student, I’ve struggled with procrastination at times, and this article helped me understand the psychological mechanisms behind it. It was comforting to know that I’m not alone in facing this challenge and that there are practical strategies I can implement to improve my time management skills.

In conclusion, these readings offered valuable insights into different aspects of our world – one concerning the environment and the other concerning human behavior. By incorporating examples and evidence from the articles, I gained a deeper understanding of the topics. Furthermore, the personal reflection aspect allowed me to connect with the material on a more meaningful level, prompting me to consider how the knowledge gained can impact my own life and the world around me.

Gross National Happiness in Bhutan Reflection



Content – Student provides a comprehensive 2-3 page reflection of the reading(s), incorporating examples and evidence from the article to support his/her reflection.

Personal Reflection – Student provides a good personal reflection on the readings, identifying specific ideas or concepts that he/she connected with or found interesting.

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