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GOVT 2306 Northwest Why the Proposal to Curb Oil Production in Texas was DOA Essay

GOVT 2306 Northwest Why the Proposal to Curb Oil Production in Texas was DOA Essay


Hypothetical Social Issue: Immigration Policy and Texas Government

Introduction – Why is this relevant to Texans? Immigration policy is a crucial issue in Texas due to its close proximity to the US-Mexico border and its large immigrant population. The state’s government plays a significant role in shaping immigration policies that impact not only Texans but also the national discourse on immigration.

Summary In recent news, a television news broadcast reported on the challenges faced by Texas in managing immigration influx from the southern border. The report highlighted the increasing number of undocumented immigrants apprehended at the border, straining resources and prompting debates on immigration policies.

Context to the Topic Texas has historically been a hotspot for immigration due to its border with Mexico and its economic opportunities. The issue gains prominence when federal policies change or when there are surges in migrants seeking entry. Immigration laws, federal-state cooperation, and the state’s role in addressing immigration-related challenges come into focus.

Connection to Class Concepts

  1. Federalism (Chapter 3): Immigration is a classic example of the tensions between federal and state governments. While federal agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have authority, states like Texas play a role in enforcement and border security. Understanding the division of power is crucial to comprehending the intricacies of immigration policies.
  2. Political Culture (Chapter 4): Texas’s political culture, including values such as individualism and traditionalism, influences how the state approaches immigration issues. Debates over border security, assimilation, and diversity reflect these cultural values.
  3. Texas Legislature (Chapter 6): The Texas Legislature shapes laws and policies related to immigration within the state’s jurisdiction. Debates on providing services to undocumented immigrants, state-level immigration enforcement, and budget allocations for border management are relevant legislative discussions.

Texas Government’s Role The Texas government has a multifaceted role in immigration. It engages in discussions with federal counterparts on border security, allocates resources to manage border-related challenges, and navigates the balance between maintaining law and order while acknowledging the contributions of immigrants to the state’s economy.

Relevance to Texas Government/Politics This event underscores Texas’s unique position regarding immigration. It showcases the practical implications of federal-state cooperation and highlights the role of state-level policies in a highly debated national issue. The dynamic nature of immigration policy necessitates Texas to navigate legal, economic, and humanitarian considerations.

Specific Concepts & Chapters

  1. Federalism (Chapter 3): Understanding the interplay between federal and state authorities in immigration enforcement and policymaking.
  2. Political Culture (Chapter 4): Analyzing how Texas’s political culture shapes its approach to immigration and related policies.
  3. Texas Legislature (Chapter 6): Exploring how the Texas Legislature addresses immigration challenges through legislation and budget decisions.

Remember, this example analysis is purely hypothetical. To complete your assignment, you need to find a real article or news broadcast that addresses a current social issue in Texas politics, apply the provided structure, and connect it to relevant concepts from your textbook.



This assignment consists of researching a social issue pertaining to Texas government/ politics in a newspaper, magazine, or listening to a television news broadcast and to analyze the issue/topic.

Please understand that this is a critical thinking/ analysis assignment, so I will NOT provide a topic for you.

Note: Please be sure to use a credible source. Also, please be sure there is a government class connections (again see chapters/ topics in textbook and lecture).

You are to include the following criteria in your assignment:

  • Introduction–Why is this relevant to Texans?
  • Summary –
    • In your own words, summarize the content of the article.
    • Give some context to the topic.
  • What concepts can you relate to class or our text? (federalism, political culture, Texas Legislature, Executive or Judicial, etc.)Consider:
    • What is Texas government’s role in this topic?
    • How does this event relate to Texas government/ Politics?
    • Specifically name concept & Chapter.
    • Give an explanation lesson/ recap of the concept.

TEXT BOOK: Governing Texas 3rd Edition,

Authors: Champagne, Casellas & Harpham

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