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GLST 220 Cultural Intelligence Assessment Results Discussion

GLST 220 Cultural Intelligence Assessment Results Discussion


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a crucial concept for both my personal and career goals. As an individual with aspirations to work in a globalized world and a diverse society, CQ plays a significant role in shaping my ability to effectively interact and collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds.

  1. Relevance of CQ to My Personal and Career Goals:
    • Personal Goals: Cultivating a high level of CQ is essential for my personal growth and development. It helps me become more open-minded, empathetic, and adaptable, enabling me to build meaningful relationships with people from various cultures. This is particularly relevant to me as I aim to broaden my horizons through travel and cross-cultural experiences.
    • Career Goals: In today’s interconnected world, having a high CQ is a valuable asset in any profession. Whether I pursue a career in business, diplomacy, education, or any other field, understanding and navigating different cultural norms, values, and communication styles will be critical for success.
  2. Results of My Cultural Intelligence Assessment:
    • It’s important to note that I cannot provide specific assessment results since I don’t have access to any personal assessment data. However, discussing hypothetical results, I would consider them in light of my personal experiences and goals.
  3. Strengths and Growth Areas in Each CQ Dimension:
    • Drive: Reflect on my motivation and commitment to learning about and engaging with other cultures. Are there areas where I need more motivation or focus?
    • Knowledge: Assess my understanding of different cultural practices, values, and worldviews. Do I have gaps in my knowledge that need to be filled?
    • Action: Evaluate how effectively I apply my cultural knowledge in real-world interactions. Am I able to adapt my behavior to be more culturally sensitive and respectful?
    • Strategy: Reflect on my ability to plan and adapt strategies for effective cross-cultural communication. Can I improve my long-term cultural integration strategies?
  4. Agreement with Scores and Surprises:
    • If I had access to my assessment results, I would consider them in the context of my own self-awareness. Any discrepancies between my perceived strengths and weaknesses and the assessment results would be an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.
  5. Factors Impacting Scores:
    • Background, upbringing, and exposure to different cultures.
    • Present challenges, such as limited exposure to diversity or communication difficulties.
    • Previous experiences, including travel, education, or work in multicultural settings.
  6. Ways to Increase CQ in the Short and Long Term:
    • Short Term (4 Weeks): Focus on targeted learning, engage in cultural immersion experiences, practice active listening, and seek feedback from culturally diverse peers.
    • Long Term (1 Year): Continue to broaden my cultural knowledge through reading, travel, and cross-cultural interactions. Develop a network of mentors and advisors with diverse backgrounds.
  7. Cultural Intelligence in the Context of God’s Story, My Story, and the Global Story:
    • Understanding different cultures and worldviews is crucial in appreciating the diversity of God’s creation.
    • CQ enables me to connect with people from various cultural backgrounds, facilitating the sharing of my personal faith story and understanding of God’s message.
    • It empowers me to contribute positively to the global story by promoting cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, and peace.
  8. Using CQ to Understand Others’ Stories and Share God’s Story:
    • CQ allows me to empathetically listen to others’ stories, respecting their cultural contexts and values.
    • It helps me bridge cultural gaps when sharing God’s story, making it more relatable and inclusive.

In conclusion, CQ is not only relevant but also essential to my personal and career goals. Developing and increasing my CQ will not only enrich my personal experiences but also enhance my ability to engage with diverse individuals and contribute positively to a globally connected world.

GLST 220 Cultural Intelligence Assessment Results Discussion






Discuss why and how the concept of CQ is relevant to you and your future personal and career goals.

Discuss the results of your Cultural Intelligence Assessment.

  • Discuss your strengths and growth areas in each of the four CQ dimensions (Drive, Knowledge, Action, and Strategy).
  • Do you agree with your scores?
  • What surprises you about your scores.
  • What experiences, background, or present challenges might be impacting those scores?

Discuss the ways you will seek to increase your CQ in the next 4 weeks as we finish this course? What about over the next year?

How does Cultural Intelligence relate to God’s story, your story, and the global story?

  • How can you use your CQ to understand the story of others?
  • How could your CQ impact your ability to share God’s story across cultural boundaries?
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