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Global Threats Priority Analysis.

Global Threats Priority Analysis.


As a consultant for the United Nations, I have analyzed the eight significant threats to the global environment and have identified the four most critical ones. These threats significantly impact the world population and require immediate attention. In this PowerPoint presentation, I will briefly describe each threat, highlight the number of affected countries, and explain their effects on the global population. Each section will include a relevant chart or graph to support the data.

Slide 1: Climate Change

Brief History of the Threat:

  • Climate change refers to long-term changes in temperature, precipitation, and other atmospheric conditions. It has been a growing concern since the Industrial Revolution due to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Number of Countries Affected:

  • Virtually every country worldwide is affected by climate change to varying degrees.

Effects on the World Population:

  • Rising global temperatures, sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and disrupted ecosystems threaten food security, water resources, and human health.

![Climate Change Impact](insert chart/graph here)

Notes: Addressing climate change is crucial as it has wide-ranging implications for the entire world, impacting the livelihoods and well-being of people everywhere. It aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) regarding climate action.

Slide 2: Poor Health of Entire Populations

Brief History of the Threat:

  • Health disparities have existed for centuries, but modern healthcare systems and medical access have improved global health.

Number of Countries Affected:

  • Health disparities affect numerous countries, particularly in low-income regions.

Effects on the World Population:

  • Poor health leads to reduced productivity, increased healthcare costs, and social instability, affecting billions worldwide.

![Poor Health Impact](insert chart/graph here)

Notes: Improving global health is a fundamental goal for the UN, as it directly relates to SDGs related to health and well-being.

Slide 3: Lack of Educational Opportunities

Brief History of the Threat:

  • Access to education has improved over the years, but disparities in educational opportunities persist.

Number of Countries Affected:

  • Many countries, especially in low-income regions, face challenges in providing quality education to all.

Effects on the World Population:

  • Lack of education limits economic development perpetuates poverty, and hinders social progress, impacting millions.

![Education Impact](insert chart/graph here)

Notes: Education is a crucial driver of sustainable development (SDG 4) and is vital in addressing multiple global challenges.

Slide 4: Inappropriate Uses of Technology

Brief History of the Threat:

  • Rapid technological advancements have brought benefits and risks, including using technology for malicious purposes.

Number of Countries Affected:

  • Technology misuse is a global concern, affecting countries across the world.

Effects on the World Population:

  • Inappropriate technology use can lead to privacy breaches, cyberattacks, and the spread of disinformation, impacting billions globally.

![Technology Impact](insert chart/graph here)

Notes: Addressing the responsible use of technology is vital to achieving sustainable development goals and ensuring a secure digital future.

In conclusion, these four threats – Climate Change, Poor Health of Entire Populations, Lack of Educational Opportunities, and Inappropriate Uses of Technology – are of utmost importance in the global context. Addressing these issues aligns with the United Nations’ mission to promote worldwide peace, prosperity, and sustainable development.

 Global Threats Priority Analysis.





Congratulations! The United Nations has hired you as a consultant on global issues.

Many of the UN members are not satisfied with the progress of the Millennium Development Goals. They believe that the goals focus on the wrong issues. There is a disconnect between the types of issues the developed countries in the UN believe are priorities versus the issues that developing countries of the UN want to prioritize. For example, the country of Burundi has requested that one of the goals be focused on food security. However, Austria is adamant that the major current global issue is to mediate ceasefires within countries experiencing a civil war.

You have been asked to provide an unbiased perspective and identify the four issues that have the biggest impact on the global environment.

Of the eight major threats listed below, choose the four that you consider the most critical.

Energy sources

Civil war


Poor health of entire populations

Lack of educational opportunities

Cultural taboos

Inappropriate uses of technology

Climate change

You will present your findings at the next UN General Assembly. Your goal is to provide a brief history of each issue, the number of countries affected, and the effects of this threat on the world population.

The completed version of this assignment will include the following:

  1. A PowerPoint presentation containing relevant information for the UN General Assembly on four of the eight threats listed above.
    1. The order of your slides should reflect the order of priority you assign to the four threats you have chosen.
  2. Create slides on the following topics:
    1. A brief history of the threat
    2. The number of countries affected, and how they are affected (giving examples)
    3. The effects of this threat on the world population as a whole
    4. Include a chart or graph (see #4 below).
  3. Each of the four slides will include:
    1. A paragraph in the notes section to explain how the details you have provided in the slide is pertinent to the UN’s discussion on selecting and prioritizing goals.
  4. For each of the four threats, include one visual (graph or chart) to represent the data you have collected. The visual should be incorporated into the information/topics presented in the slides.
  5. Cite at least five credible sources excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.
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