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Gender and Intersex Discussion.

Gender and Intersex Discussion.


First Document (Intersex):

Parents of intersex children face complex decisions regarding how to raise their children. It’s crucial to approach this matter with sensitivity, respecting the child’s autonomy and ensuring their well-being. Instead of imposing rigid gender norms, parents should consider allowing intersex children to express their gender identity in a way that feels most authentic to them. This may involve recognizing that some individuals do not fit neatly into the binary categories of male or female. Consequently, it might be more appropriate for society to recognize three sexes – male, female, and intersex – to better reflect the diverse spectrum of human biology and identity. This recognition could reduce the pressure on intersex individuals to conform to traditional gender roles and help create a more inclusive and understanding society.

Second Document (Gender Stratification):

The United States is a complex and diverse society, making it challenging to classify it as strictly patriarchal, matriarchal, or entirely gender-egalitarian. Gender stratification in the USA varies across different dimensions and regions. In general, it is fair to say that the USA has made significant progress towards gender equality in many aspects of life, such as education and the workplace. Laws and policies aimed at reducing gender discrimination have been enacted, and women have made substantial advancements in various professions and leadership roles.

However, gender disparities still persist, particularly in terms of pay equity and political representation. Women continue to earn less than men for similar work, and there is an underrepresentation of women in top corporate positions and political offices. Additionally, issues like sexual harassment and gender-based violence remain challenges. While the USA has made strides towards gender egalitarianism, it is not fully there yet, and there is ongoing work needed to address these remaining disparities and achieve a more equitable society for all genders.

Gender and Intersex Discussion.





First Document

Intersex (Graded Discussion)

Write 2 paragraphs answering the following questions:

How should parents raise their intersex children: as girls, boys or intersex? Would it be better for society to recognize 3 sexes instead of two? Why?

Second  Document

Gender Stratification (Graded Assignment)

Write 2 thoughtful paragraphs answering the following questions:

  • Is the USA a patriarchal, matriarchal or gender-egalitarian society?  Why?
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