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GCU Air Pollution and Childhood Asthma Paper

GCU Air Pollution and Childhood Asthma Paper


Title: Environmental and Occupational Health Study: An Alternative Perspective


This paper explores an environmental and occupational health study conducted on the impact of a chemical spill incident in a manufacturing facility. The selected study, referred to as the “Original Study,” focuses on the health effects of the spill on the factory workers. This paper presents a 1-page summary of the Original Study followed by an alternative viewpoint with strategy recommendations.

Original Study Synopsis:

The Original Study investigated the short-term health effects of a chemical spill incident in a manufacturing plant that exposed workers to toxic chemicals. Researchers conducted surveys and medical examinations on affected workers, emphasizing the physical health aspects. The study concluded that the chemical exposure resulted in respiratory problems and skin irritations among workers, leading to a call for improved safety measures within the facility.

Alternative Perspective:

The Original Study, while informative, has limitations that warrant an alternative viewpoint and approach. It primarily focuses on the immediate health impacts on workers and neglects the broader environmental and community dimensions of the incident. Here is an alternative perspective along with strategy recommendations:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment:

The alternative approach would involve conducting a more comprehensive assessment of the incident. This assessment would encompass not only the health of workers but also the environmental impact, long-term health effects, and the involvement of the affected community. This broader perspective would provide a more holistic understanding of the incident.

  1. Environmental Impact:

The alternative study would include a thorough examination of the environmental consequences of the chemical spill. This would involve soil and water quality assessments, air quality monitoring, and an evaluation of the impact on local flora and fauna. Understanding the full extent of environmental damage is crucial for effective mitigation and remediation strategies.

  1. Long-Term Health Effects:

While the Original Study focused on short-term health effects, the alternative perspective would extend the research to investigate potential long-term health consequences for the affected workers. This would involve longitudinal studies to track any delayed health issues related to chemical exposure, such as cancer or neurological disorders.

  1. Inclusion of Impacted Communities:

The alternative study would actively engage with and include the communities living near the manufacturing facility. Their voices and experiences would be incorporated into the research to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the incident’s impact on the local population. This would also help in identifying community-specific health concerns.

  1. Contextual Information:

The alternative approach would aim to provide context missing from the Original Study by considering factors such as the facility’s safety protocols, regulatory compliance, and the history of incidents in similar facilities. This contextual information would help in identifying the root causes of the incident and recommending preventive measures.

Expected Results:

The alternative study is expected to yield more comprehensive and nuanced results compared to the Original Study. It would provide a holistic understanding of the incident’s impact on both workers and the environment, leading to the following potential outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Mitigation Strategies:

With a better understanding of the incident’s environmental impact, the alternative study could recommend targeted and effective mitigation strategies to remediate contaminated areas and prevent future incidents.

  1. Long-Term Health Monitoring:

Long-term health studies could identify previously unrecognized health risks, enabling early intervention and improved healthcare for affected workers.

  1. Community Empowerment:

Involving the affected community would empower them to advocate for their health and demand accountability from the manufacturing facility. This could lead to improved safety measures and a safer living environment.


In summary, the Original Study, while valuable, provides only a partial perspective on the environmental and occupational health incident. The alternative approach presented here offers a more comprehensive assessment, taking into account environmental impacts, long-term health effects, community involvement, and contextual information. Such an approach is expected to yield more nuanced results, leading to more effective strategies for prevention, mitigation, and community support.

GCU Air Pollution and Childhood Asthma Paper





Research studies on the environmental and/or occupational health incident you have selected. Also, seek articles on studies and research conducted on similar incidents or exposures. Select one study on which to focus.

Write a 2-page paper that includes a 1-page summary of the study and a 1-page alternative viewpoint of this study and its conclusions. Your paper should address the following:

  • A complete synopsis of the existing study
  • A complete description of your alternative conclusions and any related strategy recommendations.
  • The rationale for your alternative approach
  • Your expected results
  • How would the results change?
  • Would your approach include impacted communities left out of the original study?
  • Would your results provide context missing from the original study?
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