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GCC Comparison Of Different Types Of Tyrannies Discussion

GCC Comparison Of Different Types Of Tyrannies Discussion


In John Stuart Mill’s work “On Liberty,” he argues that the tyranny of the majority is worse than the tyranny of government, and he provides several reasons to support this claim. Mill believes that individual liberty and the freedom of thought and action are essential for the progress of society. He is concerned that a majority, driven by its collective opinions and preferences, could suppress the voices and actions of minority individuals, stifling diversity of thought and hindering societal progress.

Mill argues that governments, even if tyrannical, are limited in their ability to control every aspect of people’s lives due to checks and balances, legal restraints, and divisions of power. However, the tyranny of the majority, which can manifest through public opinion and social pressures, has the potential to enforce a conformity of thought and behavior that is even more oppressive. He asserts that individuals should be allowed to express their unique ideas and opinions freely, even if they go against the prevailing beliefs of the majority. This is because the contestation of ideas and the exposure to diverse viewpoints lead to a richer understanding of truth and a more robust society.

In contrast, in Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto,” the focus is primarily on the economic and class-based analysis of society. Marx’s concern is the exploitation of the working class by the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class that owns the means of production. Marx calls for a proletarian revolution that would overthrow the capitalist system and establish a classless society. While Marx does not directly discuss the tyranny of the majority as Mill does, his emphasis on class struggle and the necessity of the proletariat to gain control of the means of production could potentially lead to a different form of collective dominance.

Mill might have concerns about Marx’s ideas because, despite his concerns about the tyranny of the majority, Marx’s vision could potentially lead to a different form of oppression if the working class were to gain control and suppress dissenting views. Mill’s emphasis on individual liberties and the importance of allowing dissenting voices to be heard might conflict with the idea of a revolution aimed at establishing a new social order.

To directly answer your question, Marx’s justification for a working-class revolution might not align with what Mill would find acceptable. Mill’s emphasis on individual liberty and his concerns about the potential for any form of oppression, whether by the majority or the government, would likely lead him to have reservations about the revolutionary aspect of Marx’s ideas.

However, it’s important to note that while Marx does not directly provide justifications that Mill would find acceptable, the relationship between their ideas is complex and nuanced. Their respective works address different aspects of society, and while there might be points of overlap, they also have significant differences in their philosophical perspectives.

GCC Comparison Of Different Types Of Tyrannies Discussion



PROMPT: According to On Liberty, why is tyranny of the majority worse than tyranny of government? Explain your answer using the relevant text as evidence. What in the Marx reading, if anything, would give Mill concern given his worry about the tyranny of the majority? Yes or no, does Marx provide any justification(s) for a working-class revolution that Mill could possibly find acceptable?

SOURCES (Only use the following):

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (https://www.gutenberg.org/files/61/61-h/61-h.htm)

On Liberty by John S. Mill (ONLY Chapters 1 – 4) (https://www.gutenberg.org/files/34901/34901-h/3490…)

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