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Feral Children and Socialization.

 Feral Children and Socialization.


  1. Deficits in Socialization: Genie, like other feral children, likely lacked various essential skills and knowledge due to her isolation. Some of the things she might not have known how to do include:
    • Language Development: Feral children often lack language skills or the ability to communicate effectively because they have had limited or no exposure to language during their formative years.
    • Social Interaction: They may struggle with basic social interactions, such as making eye contact, understanding social cues, or developing empathy, as they have not been able to learn these behaviors through normal socialization processes.
    • Basic Life Skills: Feral children might not know how to perform everyday tasks like dressing themselves, using utensils, or understanding hygiene routines.
  1. Insights into Socialization and Human Development: Genie and other feral children offer valuable insights into several aspects of socialization and human development:
    • Critical Periods: They highlight critical periods in child development, during which certain skills and abilities must be acquired. Failure to do so can lead to lifelong deficits.
    • Nurture’s Role: Feral children emphasize the crucial role of nurture in human development. Their experiences suggest that without proper socialization and environmental stimulation, a child’s potential for development can be severely limited.
    • Human Adaptability: These cases also showcase the remarkable adaptability of the human brain and its capacity for change. While catching up on missed socialization is challenging, it is not impossible.
  1. Gender Socialization: Feral children like Genie can shed light on gender socialization to some extent. Since they lack exposure to societal norms and expectations related to gender roles and behaviors, they provide insight into how much of gender identity and socialization is influenced by culture and environment. They might exhibit less stereotypical gender behaviors, suggesting that these behaviors are learned rather than innate.
  2. Nature vs. Nurture Debate: Feral children contribute significantly to the nature vs. nurture debate. Their cases emphasize that nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) play crucial roles in human development. While they demonstrate the importance of environmental factors and socialization, they also show biological limits to what can be achieved if these critical factors are lacking during certain developmental periods.

In summary, feral children like Genie serve as tragic but illuminating examples of the importance of socialization, human development, and the interplay between nature and nurture in shaping our behavior and abilities. Their cases underscore the critical role of early experiences and the profound impact of isolation on cognitive, emotional, and social development.

 Feral Children and Socialization.



Feral Children and Socialization Watch the first 10 minutes (or more) of the documentary

“Genie: Secret of the Wild Child” and respond to the following questions. Click here to access



  • What sorts of things did Genie not know how to do because she was kept in isolation and did

not undergo a “normal” socialization process?

  • What can a “wild child” like Genie teach us about socialization and human development?

Gender socialization?

  • What do such feral children reveal to us about the importance of nurture when considering the

age-old debate of nature vs. nurture?

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