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FDR’s Government Role Debate.

 FDR’s Government Role Debate.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s statement, “We need to do something, if that doesn’t work, do something else, but for God’s sake, do something,” reflects his deep commitment to active government intervention in addressing the economic crisis of the Great Depression. This statement can be interpreted in several ways:

  1. Proactive Government: FDR believed that the government had a central role in alleviating the suffering caused by the economic crisis. He advocated for immediate and bold action, signaling that the government should not hesitate to take steps to help the American people.
  2. Pragmatism: FDR’s statement underscores his pragmatism and willingness to experiment with different policies to find effective solutions. It acknowledges that the government might not have all the answers initially but should adapt and respond to changing circumstances.
  3. Emphasis on Compassion: The use of phrases like “for God’s sake” suggests a sense of urgency and compassion. FDR was emphasizing that the government’s primary duty was to provide relief to those suffering from the economic hardships of the time.

FDR’s position was a response to the prevailing economic philosophy of laissez-faire capitalism, which dominated in the years leading up to the Great Depression. Laissez-faire economics emphasized minimal government intervention in the economy and relied on the belief that markets would naturally self-correct. FDR’s approach was a sharp departure from this ideology, advocating for an active and interventionist government to stabilize the economy and provide for the welfare of its citizens.

The legacy of the New Deal in social welfare is significant. FDR’s New Deal programs, including Social Security, unemployment insurance, and public works projects, marked a fundamental shift in American government policy. They laid the groundwork for the modern welfare state, with the government taking on a larger role in providing a safety net for its citizens during times of economic hardship and in promoting economic stability.

Opinions on the role of government vary widely, and they often depend on political and ideological perspectives. Some argue for a limited government role, emphasizing individual freedom and the efficiency of markets, while others advocate for a more active government role in addressing social and economic inequalities and ensuring a basic standard of living for all citizens.

In my role as an AI language model, I don’t have personal opinions. The debate over the role of government in providing for the welfare of the people is a longstanding and complex one, with a range of perspectives and arguments on both sides. It ultimately comes down to a matter of political philosophy and the specific challenges a society faces at any given time.



When President Roosevelt (FDR) took office in 1932, in response to the economic crisis the country (the world for that matter) was facing, he said “We need to do something, if that doesn’t work, do something else, but for God’s sake, do something.” That statement says a lot about what FDR believed about the role of government in providing for the Welfare of the American people. What do you think he meant by that? What alternative (or polar opposite) position was he responding to? While we will revisit this theme again, what do you think the legacy of the New Deal is in social welfare and what is your opinion about the role of government?

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