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Family Impact & Resources.

 Family Impact & Resources.


Ecological Systems Perspective:

  1. Carmen Going to College and Moving Away: If Carmen were to go to college and live somewhere else, it could impact the Sanchez family system in several ways. From an ecological systems perspective:
    • Microsystem: The immediate family dynamics would likely change as Carmen’s physical presence and contributions would be absent. This might lead to a shift in family roles and responsibilities.
    • Mesosystem: The interactions between Carmen and her family members might become less frequent and more remote, affecting the overall family cohesion.
    • Exosystem: Depending on Carmen’s role within the family, her absence might affect the family’s social connections and support networks.
  2. Hector’s Timing of Arrival: If Hector had come to the U.S. a few years later than he did, it could have impacted the family’s trajectory in terms of economic stability, acculturation, and their overall experiences in the host country. For example:
    • Delayed arrival might have led to different employment opportunities for Hector, which could have affected the family’s financial situation.
    • It might have altered the timing of their children’s education and acculturation processes.

Strengths and Risk and Resilience Perspectives:

  1. Celia’s Strengths: To help alleviate Celia’s problems, it’s important to identify her strengths. These could include:
    • Resilience: Celia may have shown resilience in facing challenges or adversities in her life.
    • Supportive relationships: She may have friends, family members, or community connections that can provide emotional or practical support.
    • Skills or talents: Identifying any skills or talents that Celia possesses can help in finding opportunities for personal development or employment.
  2. Resources for Carmen: To assist Carmen, you can explore both formal and informal resources:
    • Formal Resources: Scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs can help Carmen finance her college education. Academic advisors and career counselors can provide guidance.
    • Informal Resources: Carmen can lean on her family for emotional support, even if she moves away. Additionally, peer support from fellow students and mentors can be valuable.
    • Alternatives: Carmen could consider part-time work or online courses to make college more manageable financially. She could also explore living arrangements that fit her budget, such as shared housing or on-campus options.

Remember that the specific details of the Sanchez family case would provide a clearer picture of their circumstances and the potential impact of various decisions. These responses are based on general principles and perspectives.

 Family Impact & Resources.



Visit the Sanchez family case file.

  • Read the profiles of Celia, Hector, and Carmen Sanchez.

Think & Reflect:

Keeping in mind what you’ve learned about the Ecological Systems Perspective:

  • If Carmen were to go to college and live somewhere else, how might the family system be further impacted?
  • How might the lives of the Sanchez family have been different if Hector had come to the U.S. just a few years later than he did?

Keeping in mind what you’ve learned about the Strengths and Risk and Resilience perspectives:

  • What are Celia’s strengths that may be applied to help alleviate her problems?
  • What sorts of resources, formal or informal, are available to assist Carmen? What alternatives does she have?
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