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Evidence Based Practice Discussion

Evidence Based Practice Discussion


Three Strategies to Incorporate into Practice:

  1. Systematic Literature Review: I will start incorporating systematic literature reviews into my practice. This involves a comprehensive and structured approach to reviewing existing research on a specific topic. By conducting systematic reviews, I can ensure that I’m basing my practice on the most current and reliable evidence available. This strategy will help me make more informed decisions and provide the best possible care to my patients.
  2. Collaboration with Multidisciplinary Teams: I will actively seek collaboration with professionals from different healthcare disciplines. Interacting with experts from various fields can offer diverse perspectives and insights, leading to well-rounded and evidence-based solutions. Collaborative teamwork fosters a holistic approach to patient care and facilitates the integration of different expertise areas for better outcomes.
  3. Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation: I will implement a process of continuous monitoring and evaluation in my practice. This involves regularly assessing the outcomes of interventions and treatments, comparing them with established benchmarks, and making adjustments based on the results. This iterative process ensures that I’m adapting my practice based on real-world outcomes and can lead to ongoing improvements in patient care.

Rationale for Incorporating These Strategies:

  1. Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Implementation: Systematic literature reviews ensure that I’m making decisions based on the most rigorous and up-to-date evidence. This approach minimizes bias and enhances the reliability of my clinical judgments.
  2. Holistic Patient Care: Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams enriches the patient care process. By combining different perspectives, we can create more comprehensive treatment plans that address the various aspects of a patient’s health.
  3. Quality Improvement: Continuous monitoring and evaluation allow for the identification of areas for improvement in my practice. By regularly assessing outcomes and making necessary adjustments, I can ensure that I’m consistently delivering high-quality care to my patients.

Transformative Element of the Course:

One thing in this class that has totally changed the way I look, think, and participate in EBP is the emphasis on critically appraising research methodologies. Understanding how to evaluate the quality of research studies, including factors like study design, sample size, control groups, and potential biases, has made me more discerning when interpreting scientific literature. This skill has enabled me to make more informed judgments about the reliability and applicability of research findings, allowing me to integrate high-quality evidence into my practice more effectively.

Evidence Based Practice Discussion

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There is power in having data to support change. The EBP process is one way of advancing improvements in healthcare. Identify three strategies that you will now incorporate into your practice based on this course. Explain your rationale. And, what one thing in this class has totally changed the way you look, think and participate in EBP?  

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