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Effects of Parenting Styles and Adolescent Sexuality Discussion

Effects of Parenting Styles and Adolescent Sexuality Discussion


Part 1: The Effects of Parenting Styles on Adolescents

The authoritarian parenting style is one that I have observed. Authoritarian parents are frequently strict, demanding, and very controlling. They frequently use punishment as a form of discipline and anticipate their kids to follow the rules without inquiry. Although this parenting approach can have beneficial and detrimental impacts on teenagers, it typically has more negative repercussions than good ones.

Positive Results

Structure and discipline: Authoritarian parents set forth unambiguous expectations and standards, which might aid adolescents in acquiring a sense of structure and discipline.

Academic success: Due to the focus on achievement and discipline, some adolescents raised in authoritarian homes may flourish in their academic studies.

Low risky behaviour involvement: Teenagers reared in such a setting may be less prone to engage in risky activities like drug use or delinquency.

Negative Consequences

Adolescents with authoritarian parenting may have low self-esteem because they are subjected to continual criticism and receive little emotional support.

Adolescents may rebel and behave secretively to assert their independence, which can strain relationships between parents and children.

Anxiety and stress: Adolescents may experience more significant anxiety and stress due to the intense levels of control and pressure.

Part 2: Techniques for Helping Teenagers Deal with Sexual Behavior, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity Issues

Teenagers’ well-being needs support when they struggle with problems relating to sexual activity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The following are some parenting techniques:

Open Communication: Give teenagers a secure and accepting environment to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Encourage candid and open discussions about relationships, identity, and sexuality.

To better comprehend your adolescent’s viewpoint, educate yourself on the numerous facets of sexual orientation and gender identity. Use peer-reviewed publications and resources like the film “Human Growth & Development: Working With Adolescents” to keep educated.

Respect and Validation: Show respect for the decisions and emotions of your adolescent. Their self-esteem and mental health can be improved by validating their identity and experiences.

Consider obtaining advice from a mental health professional or therapist specialising in LGBTQ+ issues or teenage sexuality if your adolescent is experiencing substantial difficulties. They can offer knowledgeable assistance and materials.

Encourage your adolescent to connect with LGBTQ+ organizations, peer support groups, or counsellors who can offer more support and understanding.

Be patient; adolescents can still figure out who they are and only have some answers. Throughout their journey, be understanding and show them love and support without conditions.

Promote Their Rights: See to ensure that your adolescent’s rights are upheld in the community and at school. Promote inclusive laws and settings that support those who identify as LGBTQ+ or as people of different genders.

Promote the idea that differences in sexual orientation and gender identity are commonplace. Share narratives and materials that represent a variety of identities and life experiences.

Encourage Self-Acceptance: Remind your adolescent that their value is independent of their sexual orientation or gender identity to help them grow in self-acceptance.

Keep Each Other Up to Date: Maintain your mutual growth and learning process with your adolescent. As a family, attend conferences, support groups, or workshops on LGBTQ+ and gender diversity problems.

In conclusion, parents must balance structure and emotional support because parenting styles can significantly impact teenagers. Fostering open communication and offering steadfast support is essential to ensuring the positive development of adolescents when coping with delicate matters, including sexual behaviour, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Adolescents facing these challenging circumstances might benefit even more from the use of educational tools and, when necessary, professional advice.

Effects of Parenting Styles and Adolescent Sexuality Discussion





This discussion is a two-part question. There are a variety of parenting styles that are incorporated during adolescence. First, identify a parenting style that you have either witnessed or experienced and describe how this parenting style can positively or negatively affect an adolescent.

Second, discuss strategies parents can use to promote the positive development of an adolescent who is struggling with issues related to sexual behavior, sexual orientation or identity, and/or gender roles and identity issues. Be sure to support your post with concepts from the video, Human Growth & Development: Working With Adolescents and Young Adults (https://search.alexanderstreet.com/preview/work/bibliographic_entity%7Cvideo_work%7C3168576), as well as other peer reviewed resources.

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