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ECON San Diego State University Table and Explanation Project

ECON San Diego State University Table and Explanation Project


Get Information in Step 1

Obtain the necessary information from the Moroccan Human Development Report published by the UN. I will use fictitious information for illustration purposes:

    Life expectancy (LE) is 75.6 years, according to the Human Development Index (HDI).

        EYS: 13.8 years, or Expected Years of Schooling

        A mean of 7.2 years were spent in school (MYS).

        GNI per capita is $4,500, while the HDI rank is -12.

    Women’s Gender Development Index: HDI: 0.783

        76.5 years, LE

        12.5 years for EYS

        6.9 years MYS

        GDP per person: $3,800

    Men’s Gender Development Index

        HDI: 0.821

        74.7 years, LE

        Age in Years: 14.5

        7.5 years MYS

        Per-capita GNI: $4,800

    Women hold 17% of the seats in parliament, according to the Gender Inequality Index.

        Women who completed secondary school: 87%

        Men’s Secondary Education: 92%

        Women’s Labor Force Participation: 45%

        Men’s Labor Force Participation: 65%

Creating a Table in Step 2

To arrange the information you have obtained, make a table:



| | All | Men | Women |


| Human Development Index | 0.721 | 0.783 | 0.821 | | Life Expectancy | 75.6 | 76.5 | 74.7 | | Expected Years of School| 13.8 | 12.5 | 14.5 | | Mean Years of Schooling | 7.2 | 6.9 | 7.5 | | GNI per capita | $4,500 | $3,800 | $4,800 | | GNIpc Rank – HDI rank | -12 | -12 | -12 | | Parliament Seats (Women) |


Third step: Assess gender inequality

By contrasting the Gender Development Index (GDI) and Gender Inequality Index (GII), gender inequality can be assessed. It is clear from the data that there are differences between men and women, especially in terms of projected years of education and labour force participation. Women expect fewer years of education than men and participate less in the labour force.

Reducing Gender Inequality Through Policy:

    Promoting Equal Access to Education: Put policies in place to guarantee that both sexes have equal access to education. This can entail funding girls’ education and offering rewards to keep them in school, particularly in remote areas.

    Supporting Women in the Workforce: Put policies in place to promote women’s employment. This can entail supplying childcare services at a reasonable price, granting maternity and paternity leaves, and fostering work settings that support work-life balance.

Determine a pressing development issue in step four.

According to the research, the lower rate of female labour force participation in this fictitious situation is a critical issue for development. The nation’s overall productivity and economic growth are constrained, which is an issue. Women’s underrepresentation in the workforce leads to unfulfilled potential and lower economic production because women comprise a sizable share of the population.

Low Labor Force Participation Policy:

    Gender-Inclusive Labor Policies: Adopt measures that address the unique difficulties women encounter while trying to enter and remain in the workforce. This could include flexible work schedules, parental leave regulations, and anti-discrimination programs.

The nation can fully use its human capital by addressing the low female labour force participatio raten, resulting in enhanced economic growth and development.

Keep in mind that these are only hypothetical situations. You must acquire accurate data from the UN Human Development Report for Morocco, modify your analysis, and make appropriate policy suggestions.

ECON San Diego State University Table and Explanation Project



For this project, you will be conducting a needs assessment for your country using data from the UN Human Development ReportLinks to an external site..

1. Collect the following data for Morocco:

Human Development Index (HDI): Life expectancy (LE), expected years of schooling (EYS), mean years of schooling (MYS), GNI per capita, GNI per capita rank minus HDI rank.

Gender Development Index: Collect each of these separately for women and men – HDI, LE, EYS, MYS, GNI per capita

Gender Inequality Index: Seats in parliament held by women, Secondary education for women and men, labor force participation for women and men

2. Create a table with the data you collected from the Human Development Report. Again, your table will be graded on the basis of clarity and how well it conveys the information you present.

Here is an example (using US data) of a table that summarizes the variables above:

AllFemalesMalesHuman Development Index0.9210.9200.919Life Expectancy77.2 years80.2 years74.3 yearsExpected Years of Schooling16.3 years16.9 years15.6 yearsMean Years of Schooling13.7 years13.7 years13.6 yearsGNI per capita$64,765$51,539$78,238GNIpc Rank – HDI rank-14–Share of Parliament Seats-27%73%Secondary Education-96.5%96.4%Labor Force Participation-55.2%66.4%

3. Evaluate gender inequality in your country. Does your country suffer from gender inequality and if so, how does gender inequality most strongly manifest? What kind of policy would you advocate to reduce gender inequality in your country?

4. Based on an analysis of the data you have collected, what is the most pressing development issue facing your country. Using sound economic logic, explain why this is a problem and outline one policy that addresses this issue.

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