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ECN 515 CMU Elasticity of Demand in Healthcare Essay

ECN 515 CMU Elasticity of Demand in Healthcare Essay


The Inelasticity and Elasticity of Life-Saving Drugs: A Complex Interplay

Life-saving drugs hold a unique and crucial place within the pharmaceutical realm. These medications are designed to treat critical medical conditions and often play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing human life. The concept of price elasticity, which measures the sensitivity of demand to changes in price, applies to these drugs as well. While one might assume that life-saving drugs are entirely inelastic, the reality is more intricate. The degree of inelasticity or elasticity of these drugs is influenced by a range of factors that shape their demand and market dynamics.

Factors Contributing to Inelasticity:

  1. Medical Necessity: The most significant factor contributing to the inelasticity of life-saving drugs is their medical necessity. When a drug is deemed essential for treating a life-threatening condition, patients and their families are often willing to pay a high price to secure access to it. The lack of substitutes for such drugs means that consumers have limited options, making the demand less responsive to price changes.
  2. Limited Alternatives: In many cases, life-saving drugs have limited or no alternatives. This lack of competition gives pharmaceutical companies more pricing power since consumers have no choice but to purchase the drug at the prevailing price. This monopoly-like situation results in a higher level of inelasticity.
  3. Urgency and Time Sensitivity: Life-saving drugs are often needed urgently, leaving little time for consumers to explore alternative treatments or negotiate on prices. This urgency reduces the price sensitivity of demand, as patients prioritize immediate access to the drug over cost considerations.

Factors Contributing to Elasticity:

  1. Availability of Substitutes: When alternative medications or treatments are available that can adequately address the medical condition, the demand for a particular life-saving drug becomes more elastic. Consumers can switch to substitutes if the price of the original drug becomes prohibitively high.
  2. Affordability: While the medical necessity of life-saving drugs can lead to inelastic demand, there is a threshold beyond which patients and their families simply cannot afford the medication. As the price increases, demand can become more elastic due to financial constraints.
  3. Insurance Coverage and Government Interventions: The presence of comprehensive insurance coverage or government assistance programs can influence the elasticity of demand for life-saving drugs. When financial barriers are reduced, patients are more likely to seek treatment, even if the drug’s price experiences fluctuations.
  4. Medical Advancements: As medical research progresses, new treatment options may emerge that offer comparable or improved efficacy. This can introduce competition and lead to greater price sensitivity among consumers, especially if these advancements lower the cost of production.

In conclusion, the inelasticity and elasticity of life-saving drugs are influenced by a combination of factors. While the medical urgency and limited alternatives contribute to their inelastic nature, the presence of substitutes, affordability concerns, insurance coverage, and medical advancements can introduce varying degrees of elasticity. The delicate balance between these factors determines how responsive the demand for life-saving drugs is to changes in price. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for policymakers, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that these essential medications remain accessible to those who need them most.

ECN 515 CMU Elasticity of Demand in Healthcare Essay



When it comes to life saving drugs, one would expect them to be 100% inelastic. But, even though they are inelastic, it’s not hundred percent. In a short essay explain the factors that contribute to inelasticity of such drugs and the factors the contribute to elasticity of them.

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