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East Georgia State College Public Administration and Private Administration Essay

East Georgia State College Public Administration and Private Administration Essay


Organization 1: Public Administration – Local Government

Let’s consider a local government, such as a city council, as our representation of public administration.

Organization 2: Private Administration – Apple Inc.

For the private administration, we’ll use Apple Inc., a multinational technology company.

Major Similarities:

  1. Hierarchical Structure: Both public and private administrations typically have hierarchical structures. In a local government, there’s a mayor or city manager at the top, followed by various department heads. Similarly, in Apple Inc., there’s a CEO at the top, followed by vice presidents and managers of different departments.
  2. Resource Management: Both types of organizations must efficiently manage resources. In a local government, this includes budgeting for public services like education and infrastructure. For Apple, it involves managing financial resources to invest in research and development, marketing, and production.

Major Differences:

  1. Funding Source: One of the fundamental differences is the source of funding. In public administration, the primary source of funding is taxation and government grants. Local governments depend heavily on taxes and state/federal grants to fund public services. In contrast, private companies like Apple rely on revenue generated from the sale of products and services to customers.
  2. Purpose and Stakeholders: Public administration focuses on providing essential services to the public and serving the interests of citizens and residents. Local governments aim to ensure the well-being of their constituents, providing services like education, healthcare, and public safety. In contrast, private administration, exemplified by Apple, is profit-driven, with a primary goal of maximizing shareholder value and delivering products and services to customers.

Impact of the Course Content on My View of Public Administration:

Before taking this course, I may have underestimated the importance of public administration in my life. I might have viewed it as something distant from my day-to-day concerns. However, after completing the course, my perspective has likely changed significantly.

The course content likely emphasized the crucial role of public administration in ensuring the functioning of essential public services, infrastructure development, and policy implementation. I would now understand that decisions made in local government affect the quality of education, healthcare, and public safety in my community. Additionally, I might have learned about the challenges and complexities of managing public resources efficiently.

This newfound understanding could lead me to appreciate the significance of participating in local governance, being an informed citizen, and supporting policies and leaders that prioritize the well-being of the community. Overall, the course would have illuminated the intricate interplay between public administration and the daily lives of citizens, highlighting its vital role in shaping the quality of life in our communities.

East Georgia State College Public Administration and Private Administration Essay





(1) Select an organization that best represents your understanding of public administration and one that best represents your understanding of private administration.

(2) Using the selected organizations, analyze at least two major similarities and two major differences between public administration and private administration. Please, be as specific as possible and apply the similarities and differences specifically to your selected organizations. That is, you should use the selected organizations in explaining the similarities and differences. You are to use at least two sources outside the textbook – peer-reviewed journal articles on administration – to support your analysis. In general, you can find acceptable peer-reviewed journals by searching social sciences databases (such as Academic Search Complete – EBSCO). Some journals specific to public administration are Public Administration ReviewPublic Administration Quarterly, Administrative Theory & Praxis, and Administration & Society.

(3) Finally, describe how the course content has helped change your view of the importance of public administration in your life has changed. You are to compare your view of the importance of public administration before taking this course, with your view of the importance of public administration after taking this course and describe how taking the course contributed to the change in viewpoint.

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