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Discuss existing values and beliefs in the the politics of social work

Discuss existing values and beliefs in the the politics of social work


  1. Limited Government vs. Active Government: There is an enduring debate over the extent to which government should be involved in citizens’ lives. Some value limited government intervention, emphasizing individual freedom and personal responsibility, while others advocate for a more active government role in addressing societal issues.
  2. Individualism vs. Collectivism: Americans hold both individualistic and collectivist values. On one hand, there is a strong emphasis on individual achievement and self-reliance. On the other hand, there is a belief in collective action to address societal problems through government programs and social welfare.
  3. Free Market Capitalism vs. Social Safety Nets: The tension between free-market capitalism, which emphasizes minimal government regulation, and the need for robust social safety nets to support vulnerable populations creates significant political conflict.
  4. Equality of Opportunity vs. Equality of Outcomes: The American dream is built on the idea of equal opportunity for all, but debates arise over how to achieve this. Some argue for equalizing outcomes to reduce disparities, while others emphasize providing an equal playing field for individuals to succeed based on merit.
  5. States’ Rights vs. Federal Authority: The balance between state and federal power is an ongoing debate, with some advocating for states’ rights to determine policies, while others argue for strong federal authority to ensure uniformity and protection of individual rights.
  6. Freedom of Speech vs. Hate Speech Regulation: The First Amendment’s protection of free speech is sometimes at odds with the desire to regulate or limit hate speech and disinformation in the digital age.
  7. Religious Freedom vs. Separation of Church and State: Striking a balance between religious freedom and the separation of church and state is another contentious issue, particularly in debates over issues like abortion and LGBTQ+ rights.
  8. Immigration Control vs. Immigration Reform: The tension between securing borders and providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants creates divisions over immigration policy.
  9. Climate Change Denial vs. Climate Change Action: Beliefs about the severity of climate change and the role of government in addressing it are deeply divided along partisan lines.
  10. Gun Rights vs. Gun Control: The Second Amendment right to bear arms is frequently pitted against efforts to enact stricter gun control measures to reduce gun violence.
  11. Racial Equity vs. Colorblindness: Debates persist about whether policies should address systemic racism directly or take a colorblind approach that treats all individuals equally.
  12. Healthcare as a Right vs. Privilege: The question of whether healthcare is a fundamental right or a privilege tied to one’s ability to pay continues to fuel debates on healthcare reform.
  13. LGBTQ+ Rights vs. Religious Freedom: Balancing LGBTQ+ rights and religious objections to issues like same-sex marriage and gender identity is a source of ongoing tension.
  14. Policing Reform vs. Law and Order: Calls for police reform and racial justice are sometimes met with resistance from those emphasizing law and order and the need for strong law enforcement.
  15. Environmental Conservation vs. Economic Growth: The tension between preserving the environment and promoting economic growth often leads to disputes over regulations and natural resource management.
  16. Foreign Intervention vs. Non-Intervention: Differing opinions on when and how the U.S. should intervene in global conflicts or engage in international diplomacy can create divisions in foreign policy debates.

Passing social welfare legislation is difficult due to the polarization stemming from these conflicting values and beliefs. Politicians must navigate these divisions while representing their constituents, making it challenging to build consensus on policies that address issues such as support for single mothers, marginalized populations, or veterans’ healthcare. This complexity often leads to legislative gridlock and the inability to pass comprehensive social welfare measures, leaving vulnerable populations underserved and perpetuating societal inequities.

Discuss existing values and beliefs in the the politics of social work





-Discuss the existing conflicting values and beliefs in the political arena (American values…).
-Why is it so difficult to pass social welfare legislation?
Provide a short summarization of these values (one or two short paragraphs) <-labeled 1-16 in the notes provided.
*example(s) that can be elaborated on are single moms, oppressed ppl, veterans- how the army enlists poor people, the recruits return as veterans with mental issues like PTSD and are not provided adequate health care

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