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Diane Arbus Discussion

Diane Arbus Discussion


Renowned photographer Diane Arbus made a huge change in her photography subjects, moving from photographing gorgeous models for fashion publications to capturing people sometimes labeled as social “freaks.” There has been much discussion about her work, with views varying on whether she was creating ambassadors for these disenfranchised people or if her strategy was exploitative. It is possible that Arbus had a caring motivation for her work because she stated that she was highlighting the lives of those whom society tended to neglect. She intended to question accepted ideas of normalcy and beauty by portraying her subjects’ distinctive and frequently misinterpreted characteristics.

On the one hand, Arbus’s images can be viewed as turning the subjects into ambassadors. Through her perspective, she aimed to humanize and elevate those frequently cast aside by society. She wanted to evoke empathy and understanding in her audience by portraying them as complex creatures with stories, feelings, and experiences. Arbus’s images might be seen as initiatives to dismantle ignorance and prejudice, challenging viewers to reconsider their preconceived views.

However, detractors contend that Arbus’s art could come out as exploitative. Arbus herself refers to “freaks,” which raises moral questions regarding the motivation behind her work. Some claim that by reducing the complexity of her subjects to mere curiosities for voyeuristic consumption, her choice of subjects and the sensationalist style of some photos may have unintentionally contributed to the perpetuation of stigmas. The continuous discussion concerning the moral consequences of Arbus’s work is fueled by the ambiguity between highlighting underprivileged people and taking advantage of their differences.

Ultimately, one’s perspective determines whether Arbus’s art appears compassionate or cruel. While it is clear that she wants to raise awareness for frequently disregarded people, there is room for debate on the specifics of her methodology and how it affects her subjects. It is crucial to understand that artistic purpose may be complicated, and evaluating her work entails considering both the empathy she appears to have wanted to arouse and any possible unintended repercussions of her portrayals. The legacy of Diane Arbus prompts crucial inquiries regarding the function of art in forming society’s perspectives and the obligation artists have to reflect the lives of those who are excluded.

Diane Arbus Discussion





Diane Arbus: Cruel, or Kind?

Diane Arbus was a photographer who went from (in her early career) taking pictures of glamorous models for fashion magazines to taking pictures of “freaks” later in her career (little people, giants, transvestites, the mentally disabled.) This is the term she used, not mine. She committed suicide in 1971.

Write four paragraphs (5-6 sentences each) telling me if you think that she was “making ambassadors” of the “freaks” that she photographed, or if she was being mean and exploitative. She said that she was “shining a light on people that society looks past.” Google her work. Does her work look kind, or cruel?

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