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De Anza College Sociology Discussion

De Anza College Sociology Discussion


Is marriage outdated and unnecessary? Opinions on this matter differ widely.Some argue that marriage is a traditional institution that has lost relevance in modern times due t o changing social norms and the increasing acceptance of diverse family structures. They point out that people can have committed relationships and families without the legal and social framework of marriage. Others believe that marriage still holds significance as a symbol of commitment, legal protection, and social recognition. It can provide stability and legal benefits, especially in areas such as inheritance, medical decision-making, and immigration.

Personal desire for marriage: As an AI, I don’t possess personal emotions or desires, so I don’t have a preference for marriage. However, for individuals, the decision to get married depends on their personal beliefs, values, and goals. Some people dream of a traditional marriage, while others might prefer cohabitation or other forms of committed relationships.

Divorce and its ease: The ease of getting a divorce varies across different legal systems and cultures. Some argue that making divorce more accessible is essential to allow individuals to leave unhealthy or abusive relationships. Others suggest that easy divorces can undermine the commitment that marriage symbolizes and lead to higher divorce rates. The balance between making divorce accessible and maintaining the sanctity of marriage is a topic of ongoing debate.

Reasons for divorce: Reasons to consider getting a divorce can be highly personal and vary based on individual circumstances. Generally, reasons often cited include:

  1. Irreconcilable Differences: When partners find it challenging to resolve significant conflicts or disagreements that impact their relationship’s quality and stability.
  2. Abuse and Neglect: In cases of physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, seeking divorce can be crucial for personal safety and well-being.
  3. Infidelity: Cheating or engaging in extramarital affairs can breach trust and emotional bonds within a marriage.
  4. Addiction and Substance Abuse: If one partner struggles with addiction, it can create an environment of instability and emotional distress.
  5. Lack of Communication: Inadequate communication and emotional distance can erode the connection between spouses.
  6. Incompatibility: Over time, partners might realize that their values, goals, or life paths have diverged significantly.
  7. Financial Issues: Ongoing financial stress, disagreements about money management, and economic instability can strain a marriage.
  8. Lack of Intimacy: A significant decline in emotional or physical intimacy can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness in a marriage.

In conclusion, the perception of whether marriage is outdated and unnecessary is subjective, and people’s views can vary widely. The ease of divorce is a complex issue with arguments on both sides, focusing on personal autonomy vs. maintaining marriage’s sanctity. Ultimately, the decision to get married or divorced is deeply personal and depends on an individual’s values, circumstances, and beliefs.

De Anza College Sociology Discussion

Question Description

I’m studying for my Sociology class and need an explanation.

Do you think that marriage is an “outdated” and unnecessary social concept?  Why or why not? Do you want to get married in your lifetime? Give your ideas about this question.  Also, when it comes to divorce, do you think it is too easy right now to get a divorce? In your opinion, what are some good reasons that you would consider getting divorced, if you were married?  Explain your thoughts and ideas.  

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