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Customer satisfaction and to improvement on the user experience with IT services

Customer satisfaction and to improvement on the user experience with IT services


Initial Post

In the event when a user’s issue is beyond my current abilities to fix, ensuring customer satisfaction and improving their experience with IT services becomes critical. Here’s how I’d approach the situation:

Acknowledgment and Transparency: First, I’d want to thank the client for their patience and cooperation so far. It is critical to explain the progress gained and honestly disclose the constraints discovered. For instance, I could remark, “Thank you for your patience, Sarah.” I’ve been working hard on this, but it looks that the problem is more complex than expected.”

Setting realistic expectations: Transparency is essential. I would advise the user that I am escalating the problem to our senior technical staff or a professional with more experience in this area. This phase reassures the user that their problem is being taken seriously and addressed by competent individuals.

Offering Temporary Solutions: To limit disturbance to their work, I would look at temporary solutions or workarounds. For example, if their primary device is not working, I might inquire whether they have access to another device or if a temporary loaner may be arranged. This preemptive strategy helps to reduce the immediate impact on their productivity.

Ongoing Communication: Throughout the escalation process, I would provide regular updates to the user, keeping them informed of any progress or obstacles. Communication channels must remain accessible to avoid the consumer feeling forgotten or ignorant about the status of their issue.

Testing and Confirmation: Once a solution has been discovered or implemented by the senior team, I would accompany the user through the testing phase to confirm that it satisfies their expectations. This step guarantees that the issue is totally resolved and that the user can effortlessly resume their job.

Follow-up and Support: After the issue is resolved, I would contact the user to confirm that they are not having any further problems and to solicit comments on their general happiness with the resolution process. This follow-up illustrates our ongoing support and commitment to customer pleasure.

To summarize, moving beyond my existing capabilities requires open communication, proactive problem-solving, and rigorous follow-up to ensure that the user feels valued and supported throughout the troubleshooting process.

Response 1.

I agree with the steps described in your first post. Recognizing the client’s patience and delivering regular updates are critical to ensuring customer happiness, especially when the problem is complex and requires escalation. Transparency about the limitations of your current skill demonstrates humility and establishes fair expectations for users.

User satisfaction is critical to the troubleshooting process since it affects not just the user’s view of IT services, but also the organization as a whole. Dissatisfied users can spread negative word-of-mouth, reduce productivity, and even strain ties between IT and other departments. As a result, excellent communication, empathy, and proactive support are critical in resolving challenges that beyond immediate capabilities.

Response 2

Your approach of truly apologizing and thanking the client for their patience is excellent, and it can help to alleviate any frustration they may be feeling as a result of the unsolved issue. It is critical to reassure the customer that their problem is a priority and that every effort will be taken to remedy it as soon as possible, even if it requires the involvement of more professional support.

Clear and concise communication, as you indicated, is essential. Ensuring that the customer understands the problem and is kept updated throughout the escalation process helps to manage expectations and keep their trust in the IT support team.

User satisfaction is important since it affects not only the immediate settlement of the issue, but also the broader perception of IT services inside the organization. By focusing on customer satisfaction, IT workers can help to establish a healthy work atmosphere and productive user relationships.


As an IT professional, you may find that particular user issues are beyond your ability to resolve. When those moments arise, a user’s level of satisfaction could be in jeopardy. You must be able to navigate the situation and strive to maintain user satisfaction, even if your involvement with their presented issue comes to an end.

For this week’s discussion, imagine that you’re working on a site. While you are at the user’s desk or site, you discover that the request you are trying to solve is beyond your ability to resolve it. When the user submitted the ticket for IT assistance, they expressed that they need the computing issue resolved in order to do their work. The computing issue is preventing the user from using the systems that they need on a daily basis. The user has been very receptive to your troubleshooting efforts, but as you realize that you are unable to resolve the issue, they are beginning to check their watch frequently and have become less engaged in answering your questions. Reflect on what you would or would not do to ensure customer satisfaction and to improve the user experience with IT services.

For your initial post, address the following:

  • What additional steps would you take to ensure that the user/customer is satisfied?
  • How would you communicate this to the user?

In response to two of your peers, address the following:

  • State whether you agree or disagree with the steps in the initial post and provide a rationale.
  • Explain why user satisfaction is an important part of the troubleshooting process.


Hey Everyone,

Whenever you are faced with a client who is becoming agitated or uncooperative, handling the situation delicately is crucial to maintaining their trust and satisfaction. Here is how I would approach it:

Firstly, I acknowledge the client’s patience and explain the progress made so far, being honest about the limits of my current knowledge. It is important to set realistic expectations. An example of something I would say is, “Thank you for your patience, Sabrina. I’ve been working hard on this, but it appears this issue is more complex than I initially anticipated.” Next, I make it clear that I am escalating the issue to our senior technical team or someone with more expertise. This transparency reassures the client that their problem is being taken seriously and handled by capable hands. To empathize with the client’s frustration and minimize disruption to their work, I explore temporary solutions. For instance, I might say something like, “I understand how frustrating this must be, especially with it affecting your work. In the meantime, do you have another PC you could use? If not, I will see if we can arrange a temporary solution for you.”

Throughout the process, I ensure regular updates on progress, keeping the client informed of any developments, whether positive or challenging. This ongoing communication is crucial to prevent them from feeling ignored or left in the dark. Once the issue is resolved, I stay with the client while they test the solution to ensure everything is functioning correctly. This hands-on approach helps confirm that their problem has been effectively addressed. Lastly, I follow up a week later with a brief email to check if they are encountering any further issues. This proactive step shows continued support and reinforces our commitment to their satisfaction.


Q-What additional steps would you take to ensure that the user/customer is satisfied & how would you communicate this to the user?

A- I have had quite a bit of experience in dealing with upset and even irate clients from when I filed federal taxes at Jackson Hewitt. The first thing I would always recommend when dealing with any dissatisfied client in any capacity is to sincerely apologize for not being able to properly assist them and thank them for their patience and understanding with the process/procedure. Then I would inform the client that although I am unable to personally assist them any further that I will do everything in my power to ensure they get the proper assistance with the resolution they are seeking. This includes personally reaching out on their behalf or with them on hold to be able to fully explain the issue and the theoretical roadblock reached rather than sending the client a detailed email of the issue with contact information for the next step to take. Making the client realize that solving their problem and coming up with a solution for all potential client problems is mine & hopefully the company’s biggest priority and that they are more than just an invoice number to be worked on and pushed down the line. Showing true compassion and empathy for their plight usually goes a long way.

Clear and concise communication throughout the entire process is imperative. No matter how miniscule the details may seem it’s the right of the client to know everything dealing with their information or machine. I have had to at times call above my role to a CPA or even contact the IRS directly and place the call on speaker so that I could be the mediary between the average client with little to no knowledge of federal tax laws and the “tax expert”. I am sure the same could be done via three-way call to keep the client in the loop while discussions are being done during an IT escalation. Regardless be sure to make sure before ending the contact that the client is satisfied with the services rendered and that they have no further questions that you could answer.

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