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CSUSM Criminalization of Latinos in The United States Discussion

CSUSM Criminalization of Latinos in The United States Discussion


Title: Latinx Criminalization: A Historical Trajectory Perpetuated

Introduction: The short film “Bad Hombres” provides a poignant glimpse into the lives of Latinx individuals affected by criminalization, shedding light on the broader historical trajectory that has led to the structural arrangement perpetuating the criminalization of Latino gang members today. This essay aims to explore how this structural arrangement has contributed to the criminalization of Latinx communities, the role of historical factors in shaping this phenomenon, and the essential steps that must be taken to dismantle structural discrimination in our country.


  1. Historical Trajectory of Latinx Criminalization: The criminalization of Latinx communities can be traced back to historical factors such as colonialism, economic exploitation, and racial prejudices. Early colonial policies and systems established a foundation that positioned Latinx individuals as outsiders and perpetuated socio-economic inequalities. The marginalization of Latinx communities from mainstream society created fertile ground for criminalization to take root.
  2. Structural Arrangement and Criminalization of Latino Gang Members: The structural arrangement that supports the criminalization of Latino gang members today is multifaceted. Economic disparities, lack of access to quality education, limited employment opportunities, and inadequate social services are some of the contributing factors. These circumstances create an environment where joining gangs might seem like a plausible option for survival and belonging. Media portrayal and political rhetoric further demonize Latinx communities, reinforcing negative stereotypes and stigmatizing them as inherently criminal.
  3. Impact of Structural Discrimination: Structural discrimination perpetuates a cycle of criminalization. Over-policing and racial profiling target Latinx communities, leading to higher arrest rates and harsher sentencing. The “school-to-prison pipeline” disproportionately affects Latinx youth, as inadequate educational resources increase their likelihood of engaging in criminal activities. The lack of trust between law enforcement and these communities hinders effective crime prevention, further entrenching the issue.
  4. Preventing Persistent Structural Discrimination: To dismantle the structural discrimination that contributes to Latinx criminalization, several steps are crucial:

    a. Education Equity: Investing in quality education for Latinx communities can break the cycle of criminalization by providing alternative paths to success. Adequate resources, culturally sensitive curricula, and equitable access to educational opportunities are imperative.

    b. Economic Empowerment: Addressing economic disparities through job creation, vocational training, and affordable housing initiatives can mitigate the appeal of gang involvement driven by economic necessity.

    c. Community Policing and Reform: Law enforcement agencies must engage in community policing, fostering trust and collaboration. Implementing anti-bias training, de-escalation techniques, and oversight mechanisms can reduce racial profiling and excessive use of force.

    d. Media Representation: Encouraging accurate and nuanced media representation can counter stereotypes and challenge harmful narratives about Latinx communities.

    e. Policy Reforms: Advocate for policy changes that prioritize social services, mental health resources, and restorative justice approaches over punitive measures. Reforming the criminal justice system to address systemic inequalities is essential.

Conclusion: The criminalization of Latinx communities, as depicted in “Bad Hombres,” is deeply rooted in historical injustices and sustained by a complex web of structural arrangements. Recognizing the role of history, addressing socio-economic disparities, building trust between communities and law enforcement, and changing policy approaches are essential steps to prevent structural discrimination from persisting in our country. By dismantling these oppressive structures, we can pave the way for a more equitable and just society that values the dignity and potential of every individual, regardless of their ethnicity or background.

CSUSM Criminalization of Latinos in The United States Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a sociology writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

You will view the short film Bad Hombres. I do not want a film summary but a creative essay demonstrating how Latinx communities’ criminalization is part of a historical trajectory. How does this structural arrangement further the criminalization of Latino gang members today? What must be done to prevent structural discrimination from persisting in our country?

The film’s link is: https://youtu.be/s1If5rIPqlc

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