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CS 212 PUG Communications Evaluation of Issues and Team Behavior Essay

CS 212 PUG Communications Evaluation of Issues and Team Behavior Essay


A transcript is a written representation of spoken communication, capturing the dialogue, interactions, and content of an audio recording. When creating a transcript, it’s important to accurately transcribe spoken words while also indicating pauses, tones, emphasis, and any other vocal cues that are relevant to understanding the communication. A well-written transcript serves as a script for recording an audio response, ensuring that the spoken communication comes across as professional and well-prepared.

To write a transcript, follow these steps:

  1. Listen Carefully: Listen to the audio recording attentively, noting the speech patterns, vocal tone, pauses, and other elements of spoken communication.
  2. Break Down the Dialogue: Divide the conversation into sections or paragraphs, each representing a distinct topic, speaker, or change in direction.
  3. Transcribe Speech: Write down the spoken words verbatim, capturing the conversation as accurately as possible. Use punctuation marks to indicate pauses, hesitations, and emphasis.
  4. Indicate Vocal Cues: Use annotations or descriptions to convey vocal cues such as tone changes, variations in pitch, and emotional expressions.
  5. Format and Presentation: Format the transcript for readability by using proper paragraph breaks, speaker labels, and indentation. Ensure that the transcript is easy to follow and visually clear.
  6. Review and Edit: Carefully review the transcript to correct any errors or inconsistencies. Make sure it accurately represents the audio content and effectively conveys the spoken communication.

Now, let’s apply these steps to create a sample transcript for the given scenario prompt:

Introduction: “Hello everyone, in this audio response, I will be analyzing the professional communication observed in the team scenario and discussing various aspects of effective teamwork.”

Body: “In the scenario, the panel discussion highlighted several issues faced by the team. One issue was a lack of clear communication roles, leading to interruptions and confusion. This ineffective characteristic negatively impacted the team’s ability to convey their ideas coherently. On the other hand, an effective team behavior I noticed was active listening. Team members who actively listened to one another were able to build on each other’s ideas, creating a more dynamic discussion.

To address the issues, I have three suggestions for the team to engage in professionalism. Firstly, establishing clear roles and responsibilities will prevent overlaps and interruptions. Secondly, setting ground rules for communication, such as allowing everyone to finish speaking before responding, will foster a respectful environment. Lastly, practicing constructive feedback will encourage open dialogue and continuous improvement.

Regarding leadership, in this situation, it’s essential for someone to take the lead to maintain direction and organization. The benefits of having leadership on a team include better decision-making, efficient problem-solving, and clearer accountability. However, concerns arise when leadership becomes overly authoritative, stifling creativity and collaboration. If I were to lead the team, I would focus on facilitating discussion, ensuring equal participation, and guiding the team towards a consensus.

Moving on to strategies for productivity in teams, firstly, establishing clear goals and timelines will keep the team focused. Secondly, leveraging each team member’s strengths and assigning tasks accordingly will enhance efficiency. Lastly, regular check-ins and progress updates will ensure that the team stays on track and can address any challenges promptly.

Conclusion: “In conclusion, effective communication within a team involves addressing issues, fostering professionalism, and embracing leadership. By implementing these strategies, teams can work cohesively and achieve their goals while maintaining a positive and productive environment.”

Remember, the sample transcript above serves as a guide for structuring your audio response. Make sure to tailor it to the specific scenario and content you’re discussing, integrate relevant sources, and ensure that the transcript accurately represents your planned audio response.

CS 212 PUG Communications Evaluation of Issues and Team Behavior Essay



The Unit 9 Assignment includes two parts. You will analyze professional communication in a team scenario and create a 2- to 3-minute audio response and written transcript. Keep in mind the concepts of effective communication in teams as you review the scenario and prepare both your audio response and transcript.

What is a transcript, and how do I write one?

Professional audio recordings require attention to aspects of verbal communication such as vocal tone, variety, pitch, articulation, etc. To create a professional recording, first write a transcript. You then will have the content to read and can focus on professional delivery.

  1. Review the scenario.
  2. Start with an introduction.
  3. Complete the body of the transcript by using examples from the interaction between the team members in this scenario, and respond to the questions that follow in a 2- to 3-minute audio-based response. *Make sure to integrate one source (or more) from the readings and your own personal experiences.
    • Evaluate three issues faced in the panel discussion presented in the scenario. Discuss effective and ineffective characteristics of team behaviors in the observed scenario. How effectively did this team work together?
    • What three suggestions do you have for the team to engage in professionalism?
    • In the observed situation, who do you feel should take leadership? Why? What are the benefits of having leadership on a team? What are the concerns of having leadership on a team? In this situation, what would you do to lead the team?
    • What three strategies do you have for productivity when working in teams?
  4. End with a conclusion
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