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Create SMART Action Plan.

 Create SMART Action Plan.


Section 1: Evidence-Based Action Plan

Content Area 1: Developing Effective Organizational and Interpersonal Communication Skills

Goal 1: I will be recognized by my colleagues as having excellent professional interpersonal communication when expressing my thoughts, desires, and concerns. Objective 1: Within the next six months, I will schedule regular check-ins with my supervisor to receive feedback on my communication skills. Objective 2: I will enroll in a communication skills workshop within the next three months.

Content Area 2: Managing Time and Tasks Effectively

Goal 2: I will improve my time management skills to increase productivity. Objective 1: I will create a daily schedule and time-blocking system within one month. Objective 2: I will reduce time spent on non-essential tasks by 20% within three months.

Content Area 3: Managing Different Personalities and Conflict

Goal 3: I will develop strategies to effectively manage conflicts arising from different personalities. Objective 1: I will seek mentorship from a colleague skilled in conflict resolution within two months. Objective 2: I will read three books on conflict resolution techniques within six months.

Content Area 4: Hiring, Performance Evaluation, Disciplinary Action, and Termination

Goal 4: I will enhance my skills in performance evaluation and disciplinary action. Objective 1: I will attend a training seminar on performance evaluation within three months. Objective 2: I will create a performance improvement plan template within two months.

Content Area 5: Maintaining Ethics, Confidentiality, and Liability

Goal 5: I will strengthen my understanding and application of ethical standards in social work. Objective 1: I will review the NASW Code of Ethics and create a personal code of ethics within two months. Objective 2: I will seek consultation from an ethics expert when faced with challenging ethical dilemmas within one month.

Content Area 6: Practicing Professional Development, Self-Care, Personal Reflection, and Self-Correction

Goal 6: I will prioritize self-care and professional development. Objective 1: I will engage in weekly self-reflection sessions to assess personal and professional growth within three months. Objective 2: I will attend a self-care workshop within four months.

Content Area 7: Developing and Managing an Effective Culturally Competent Practice

Goal 7: I will improve my cultural competence in social work practice. Objective 1: I will enroll in a cultural competence training program within three months. Objective 2: I will regularly seek feedback from clients on cultural sensitivity within six months.

Content Area 8: Being a Collaborative Leader in Training Supervisees in the Effective Use of Technology

Goal 8: I will become a proficient leader in training supervisees in technology use. Objective 1: I will attend a technology integration training for social work supervisors within three months. Objective 2: I will create a resource guide on technology tools and resources for supervisees within four months.

Section 2: Leadership and Technological Change in Advanced Generalist Practice

In this section, discuss how you will intentionally incorporate leadership skills and the use of technology in supervisory skills to promote advanced generalist practice. Highlight specific ways you plan to adapt to evolving changes in leadership, politics, economics, social culture, geography, and the environment that impact social work practice.

Section 3: Sustainability of Leadership and Supervisory Skills

Explain how you will sustain the leadership and supervisory skills you develop through your action plan. Consider ongoing professional development, mentorship, and continued self-reflection. Additionally, discuss how you will evaluate the sustainability of your skills, such as regular self-assessments and feedback from colleagues and supervisees.

By following this structure and tailoring it to your specific needs and goals, you can create a comprehensive action plan for improving your leadership and supervisory skills in the field of social work.

 Create SMART Action Plan.



Assignment Instructions


Begin your work for this assignment by reflecting on your Unit 8 assignment where you reviewed the text, articles, additional resources, and used several NASW resources to develop your model of best practices in social work supervision and leadership skills with a theoretical foundation. You then completed a self-reflection of your strengths and areas for development in these content areas:

Developing effective organizational and interpersonal communication skills.

Managing time and tasks effectively.

  • Managing different personalities and conflict.
  • Hiring, performance evaluation, disciplinary action, and termination.
  • Maintaining ethics, confidentiality, and liability.
  • Practicing professional development, self-care, personal reflection, and self-correction.
  • Developing and managing an effective culturally competent practice including organizational culture and environment.
  • Being a collaborative leader in training supervisees in the effective use of technology.
  • As you prepare the written paper for this Unit 10 assignment, use the following guide.
  • Section 1

Create an evidence-based action plan.

Use the eight categories identified above as subheadings in Section 1 of your paper.
To aid in your development of this assignment, use the multimedia piece on SMART goals from this unit’s study activity, as well as your text, course readings, new articles you have reviewed, and other internet resources including (but not limited to) NASW Best Practice Standards for Social Work Supervision, the NASW, ASWB, CSWE & CSWA Standards for Technology in Social Work, and the NASW Code of Ethics. These resources will be helpful as you complete your assignment.

Apply critical thinking in the development of goals, objectives, and metrics for each content area, including leadership and technological change in advanced generalist practice.

  • Under each subheading, you create:

Two SMART goals for each content area in the Unit 8 assignment, and also listed in this activity.

  • Identify at least two SMART objectives to aid your achievement of each goal.
Identify the metrics you select as a way of evaluating the effectiveness and achievement of each goal. Be sure you choose evaluation methods that help you determine degree of change (improvement or decline) and easily identifies if the goal is met.

Here is one example to help you get started:

  • Developing effective organization and interpersonal communication skills.

Goal 1: I will be recognized by my colleagues as having excellent professional interpersonal communication when expressing my thoughts, desires, and concerns. (Evaluation method:  Likert scale of 1–5 with one representing “communicates inappropriately,” three representing “communicates adequately,” and five representing “communicates with excellence.” Goal is achieved when all evaluations earn a score of 4 or higher.)

  • Objective 1: I will ask two colleagues and my supervisor to share their observations of my ability to express my thoughts, desires, and concerns. (Evaluation method: Likert scale of 1–5 scale that matches Goal 1.  Each will also be asked to give suggestions for areas for development.)
  • Objective 2: I will use the suggestions for areas of development from Objective 1 to update my action plan so I can develop excellent professional communication when expressing my thoughts, desires, and concerns. (Evaluation method: Assess each new item in the action plan in 3 months using the Likert scale that matches Goal 1).
  • Use the principles related to developing SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-limited) goals and objectives. When designing your goals and objectives, it is important to take into account the leadership and supervision best practices and technology practices you included in your Unit 8 assignment.

Use the example above to guide your work; however, you may not use the goal as one of your own. Also, the example offers one option for establishing goals, objectives, and metrics. Think outside the box; do not design every item in your action plan to look exactly like this one.

Section 2

Design goals and objectives related to leadership and technological change in advanced generalist practice.

  • Your assignment submission must also address how you use and evaluate leadership and technology to respond to evolving change in leadership, political, economic, social cultural, geographic, and environmental contexts that shape advanced generalist practice. In Section 2, discuss how you intentionally incorporate leadership skills and the use of technology in supervisory skills in order to promote advanced generalist practice.

Section 3

  • Integrate current leadership and technology changes occurring in the profession that create systemic changes toward sustainability.
  • Social workers have an obligation to design sustainability into the intervention with clients. The model serves equally well in many systems. For example, supervisors have the same obligation when working with supervisees. In Section 3, explain how you will use your leadership skills and technology to sustain the supervision and leadership skills you develop as you use your action plan. How will you sustain your leadership and supervisory skills? How will you evaluate sustainability of your skills?
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