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Comparing Two Group Socialization.

 Comparing Two Group Socialization.


To compare and contrast the socialization processes of the two groups, you will want to follow these steps:

1. Identify the Two Groups:

  • Clearly define the two groups you are analyzing. In your case, it is the Amish and another group (possibly mainstream American society).

2. Define Socialization:

  • Explain what Socialization is in sociology. It is the process through which individuals learn and internalize the values, norms, customs, and behaviours of their society or group.

3. Watch the Show:

  • As you mentioned, it is essential to watch the Show thoroughly to gather information about the Amish and the other group’s socialization processes.

4. Analyze Similarities and Differences:

  • Identify and discuss specific similarities and differences in the Socialization of the two groups. Here are some aspects to consider:
    • Education: How are children educated in both groups? What values and skills are emphasized?
    • Religion and Values: What role does religion play in their lives? How do their religious beliefs influence their behaviour?
    • Technology and Modernization: How do the two groups interact with technology and modern conveniences?
    • Social Roles and Gender: How are social roles and gender roles defined and enforced in each group?
    • Interactions with Outsiders: How do they engage with people outside their group, and how does this affect their Socialization?

5. Identify Judgmental Behavior:

  • Based on the Show and your analysis, determine which group appears more judgmental and why. Consider factors like their beliefs, values, and socialization processes that might contribute to this judgmental behaviour.

6. Discuss the Role of Socialization:

  • Explore whether the differences in judgmental behaviour can be attributed to the socialization processes of the two groups. Discuss how Socialization shapes individuals’ perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours.

7. Explain Cultural Cohesion and Separation:

  • Discuss how people come together based on culture and how they are separated based on culture, using examples from the Show. Highlight factors such as shared values, traditions, and language that contribute to cultural cohesion and differences that lead to cultural separation.

8. Provide Examples from the Show:

  • Throughout your discussion, provide specific examples from the Show to illustrate the points you are making. These examples will make your analysis more concrete and compelling.

9. Conclusion:

  • Summarize your findings and conclude how Socialization influences behaviour, judgmental attitudes, and cultural cohesion or separation in the two groups.

Remember to cite specific scenes or incidents from the Show to support your arguments, and use sociological concepts and theories to analyze the socialization processes effectively. This approach will help you create a well-rounded discussion on the topic.

 Comparing Two Group Socialization.

Question Description

I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.


Please view the following television show, Meet the Amish 1 of 4-First Experience an Aeroplane.  This television show is 48:21 minutes, please make time to view the show.  Once you have finished watching the show, discuss in either a short essay, power point, chart/graph, video submission or presentation style of your choice. Give specific differences and similarities in socialization among the two groups?  Which group of people was most judgmental; why you think this. Do you think it has to do with socialization?  How do people come together based on culture and how are people separated based on culture?  Give examples from the show.  I understand this may seem dated to many of you, but it still such a great example of how we are all socialized differently. 


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