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Comparing Shakers and Chosen Sect Problems

Comparing Shakers and Chosen Sect Problems


  1. Features of the Shakers: 1.1. The Shakers, formally known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, were a Christian religious sect that emerged in the late 18th century. 1.2. They practiced celibacy as a central tenet of their faith, leading to a decline in their numbers over time. 1.3. Shakers believed in gender equality, with leadership roles open to both men and women. 1.4. They were known for their unique style of worship, characterized by ecstatic dancing and singing during religious meetings. 1.5. The Shakers lived in communal settlements known as “Shaker villages” or “Shaker communities.” 1.6. Their architecture and furniture were distinctive, often featuring clean lines, simplicity, and craftsmanship. 1.7. Shakers were pacifists and strongly opposed violence and war. 1.8. They were skilled in various crafts, including woodworking, farming, and textile production. 1.9. Shakers embraced the idea of communal property and communal living, with shared resources and responsibilities. 1.10. The sect’s decline began in the 19th century due to their celibacy practices, and today, only a few Shakers remain.
  2. Features of the Seventh Day Adventists: 2.1. Seventh Day Adventists are a Protestant Christian denomination founded in the 19th century. 2.2. They observe Saturday (the Sabbath) as their day of worship, emphasizing the importance of rest and reflection. 2.3. Adventists place a strong emphasis on health and wellness and often follow vegetarian or vegan diets. 2.4. They believe in the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ and emphasize preparation for the end times. 2.5. Adventists are known for their commitment to education and operate a vast network of schools and universities. 2.6. The denomination has a structured organizational hierarchy, with regional conferences and a General Conference. 2.7. They have a strong tradition of missionary work and evangelism, spreading their beliefs worldwide. 2.8. Seventh Day Adventists believe in the importance of the Old Testament dietary laws. 2.9. They hold a distinctive view on the state of the dead, believing in soul sleep until the resurrection. 2.10. Adventists have a health ministry that promotes a holistic approach to health, including abstinence from tobacco and alcohol.
  3. Commonalities between the Shakers and Seventh Day Adventists: 3.1. Both groups emerged in the United States during the 19th century. 3.2. They both held unique beliefs and practices that set them apart from mainstream Christianity. 3.3. Both groups had a strong emphasis on communal living or communal resources in their history. 3.4. Both the Shakers and Seventh Day Adventists placed importance on pacifism and opposition to violence. 3.5. Both groups faced challenges in maintaining and growing their communities due to their distinctive beliefs and practices.
  4. Differences between the Shakers and Seventh Day Adventists: 4.1. The Shakers practiced celibacy, while Seventh Day Adventists do not have such a requirement. 4.2. Shakers had unique worship practices involving ecstatic dancing and singing, whereas Adventist worship is more traditional. 4.3. Seventh Day Adventists follow a Saturday Sabbath, while the Shakers did not adhere to a specific day for Sabbath worship. 4.4. The Shakers are known for their simple and minimalist aesthetics in architecture and furniture, while Adventists do not have a distinct architectural style. 4.5. Seventh Day Adventists focus on health and wellness, including dietary restrictions, which was not a central aspect of Shaker belief and practice.

Comparing Shakers and Chosen Sect Problems



1. Using full sentences, list 10 features of the Shakers

2. Choose one of the sectarian groups from Lecture 13A or B (Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Mormons, Oneida Community) and list 10 features of this one group.

3. List 5 commonalities of the Shakers and the other sectarian group that you wrote about in question 2.

4 List 5 differences between the Shakers and the sectarian group that you wrote about in question 2.

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