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CMST 102 Drinking Too Much Soda Causes Health Problems Persuasive Speech

CMST 102 Drinking Too Much Soda Causes Health Problems Persuasive Speech


Step 1: Pay attention

Attention Getter: Visualize a world devoid of soft drinks, the recognizable hiss of a can opening, and the effervescent sweetness ingrained into our daily existence. Imagine a scenario in which your organs are in harmony, your body is functioning at its best, and your general health is thriving. Today, we discuss a subject that straddles these two spheres: the negative effects of drinking too much soda on our health.

Establish Credibility: I stand before you with scientific knowledge and genuine care for everyone’s well-being. I have studied the effects of food habits on health in great detail. Today, I want to tell you the truth and inspire you to care for your body better.

Link the Topic to the Audience:

These days, it is difficult to resist the appeal of sugary drinks, especially given how widely accessible and well-marketed they are. However, these beverages can be more harmful than we think. This knowledge is crucial to grasp if you have ever indulged in soda or know someone who does so frequently.

Clear Side of the Debate: I wholeheartedly support limiting soda consumption. My goal is to raise awareness about the harmful impact that soda can have on our organs and general health. I want to provide solutions to empower you to effect change rather than draw attention to the issue.

We will explore the serious health effects of excessive soda drinking in the coming minutes, examine the root causes of these issues, and go over doable steps to reduce soda consumption and establish a healthy balance in your diet.

So let us start with the first phase of our trip, which is realizing the need for change.

Step 2: Required

Identify the issue(s):

The issue we are trying to solve is the harmful effects of too much soda on our health. This is not just about a sugary indulgence but also about the possible damage it might do to our organs, physiological systems, and general health.

The extent of the issue is that excessive soda intake is associated with an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and dental problems, according to research from credible organizations like the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization.

Causes of the Issue: The high levels of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and phosphoric acid in soda are the primary offenders here. The natural functions of our body can be interfered with by these chemicals, which can have several detrimental health impacts.

Affected Parties: The consequences affect more people than just the soda consumer. Costlier healthcare and a decline in general well-being fall on families, communities, and society.

Why the Issue Needs to Be Addressed: It is crucial that this issue be dealt with. By making better decisions, we improve our personal lives and contribute to a healthy society. Our health is our most valuable asset.

Transitional Statement: Now that the issue is well understood, let us go on to the next phase, identifying alternative remedies.

Step 3: Solution/Satisfaction

Offer a Solution: Cutting back on soda consumption will help reduce the health concerns of excessive usage. Consider progressively substituting healthy alternatives like infused water, herbal teas, and sparkling water for soda as an alternative.

How the Solution Works: By selecting beverages with fewer artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes, you can hydrate your body without the negative impacts of soda. These substitutes frequently include anti-oxidants and other advantageous substances promoting general health.

After exploring a workable option, let us examine more closely what the future might include based on our decisions.

Fourth step: visualization

Positive Visualization: Envision waking up every morning with renewed vigor. Your body is prospering, and your organs are operating at their best. You can improve your long-term health, feel more energized, and live better by restricting your soda consumption.

Negative Imagery: On the other side, if you do not reduce your soda use, your health problems may only worsen. Imagine how it might affect your organs: weight gain, a strained cardiovascular system, and teeth damage. Prospects include numerous doctor visits, high medical costs, and deteriorating well-being.

Transitional Statement: It is time to act and create a healthier reality now that we have outlined the likely results.

5. Take action.

Plan in Steps:

    Review your current soda usage and identify any areas that need improvement.

    Substitution: Switch gradually from soda to a healthier beverage like sparkling water or herbal tea once daily.

    Reduction: Replace sodas with other drinks until they are no longer a diet staple.

    Hydration: Ensure you drink plenty of water, herbal teas, and other low-sugar beverages to stay hydrated.

    Balanced Diet: Remember that a diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins promotes good health in general.

Thoughtful Conclusion: To sum up, our daily decisions are the first step toward a healthier life. We can promote a healthy future for ourselves and our loved ones by identifying the effects of soda on our organs and health and by making concrete efforts to restrict our intake. Let us raise a glass of hope and dedication for better health rather than soda. I am grateful.

CMST 102 Drinking Too Much Soda Causes Health Problems Persuasive Speech



TOPIC Drinking too much soda causes health problems.

Call to Action: Persuade my audience to learn the negative of soda that can lead to damaged organs and body parts, and they should limit soda intake. Also, they should stay hydrated and balance their diet.

Objective: Use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to persuade your audience to take immediate action.

Organizing Your Speech: You will organize this speech using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence 5 Steps. Be sure to also include transitions between the steps and bring your speech to a memorable close.

Speech Length: Around 5 minutes. At 8 minutes I will stop your speech and grade what I have viewed. Please be mindful of time!

Step 1: Attention

  1. Attention getter:
  2. Begin to establish your credibility:
  3. Connect topic to your audience:
  4. Make clear the side of the argument you’re on:
  5. Preview statement:

Transitional Statement (optional to fill out):

Step 2: Need (prove there is a problem that NEEDS a solution).

  1. Describe the problem(s). Is there is more than one problem, then break it into different points.
    1. Extend of the problem (how big a problem is it? Explain in some detail):
    2. What is causing the problem:
    3. Who or what is being affected by this problem:
    4. Why does this problem need to be solved:

Transitional Statement (optional to fill out). Step 3: Satisfaction/Solution

  1. Propose the solution. Provide more than one solution if possible. Give your audience options to pick from as a way to solve this problem.
  2. Describe how your solution(s) solve the problem or attempt to solve the problem. Get specific here. It may be obvious, but it may not. Help us really see how your solution will improve this problem.

Transitional Statement (optional to fill out):

Step 4: Visualization (Choose ONE or BOTH of the following and be descriptive and use vivid imagery).

  1. What will happen if we do what you suggest in the solution?


  1. What will happen if we don’t do what you’re suggesting in the solution?

or explain both

  1. What will happen if we do what you suggest in your solution and what will happen if we don’t do what you suggest in your solution.

Transitional Statement (optional to fill out):

Step 5: Action

  1. Provide a step-by-step plan on how to do what you’re asking in the solution.
  2. The action step is your conclusion so once you finish explaining the step-by-step action plan, please come to a thoughtful close.

make sure to have research to back this info since you are saying it’s bad for organs and body parts- is that actually backed by science based research? Make sure to add the sources if so. Also the call to action is a little different. Your need is to explain how soda is bad for your health and that people need to stop drinking it (or so I’m assuming you’re saying this). The call to action would be something like: Stop drinking soda. If you drink a lot of soda start slowly to replace a soda with sparkling water and then slowly reduce the sodas until you’re not having any… The call to actions specifically what they can do to stop drinking it.

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