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CMHC 551 UP Ethical and Legal Issues with Supervision Discussion

CMHC 551 UP Ethical and Legal Issues with Supervision Discussion


  1. Self-Reflection and Preparation: Begin by conducting some self-reflection. Clarify your own ethical beliefs and understand why they are important to you. This will help you communicate your perspective more effectively and with conviction.
  2. Understand the Supervisor’s Perspective: Before initiating the discussion, try to understand your supervisor’s ethical perspective. This can be achieved by researching their approach, reading any relevant literature, and speaking with colleagues who may have worked with your supervisor. Understanding their perspective will help you approach the conversation with empathy and open-mindedness.
  3. Choose the Right Time and Place: Schedule a private and uninterrupted meeting with your supervisor. This ensures that both of you can focus on the discussion without distractions.
  4. Use “I” Statements: When discussing your concerns, frame your statements using “I” language to express your feelings and thoughts without making it sound accusatory. For example, say, “I have some concerns about the ethical aspects of our treatment approach” instead of “You are unethical in your approach.”
  5. Active Listening: Allow your supervisor to express their perspective fully. Listen actively and without judgment. This demonstrates respect for their viewpoint and can help you find common ground.
  6. Express Your Concerns Respectfully: Share your concerns and your ethical perspective calmly and respectfully. Avoid confrontational or aggressive language. Focus on specific examples or situations where your ethical beliefs and your supervisor’s approach diverge.
  7. Seek Compromise or Resolution: Explore possible compromises or solutions that can bridge the gap between your differing perspectives. Be open to adjusting your approach and be willing to meet your supervisor partway if it aligns with your ethical principles.
  8. Refer to Ethical Guidelines: Refer to professional ethical guidelines, such as those provided by relevant counseling associations or licensing boards, to support your position. This can lend credibility to your argument.
  9. Maintain Professionalism: Throughout the discussion, maintain a professional demeanor. Avoid becoming emotional or defensive. Keep the focus on the ethical and professional aspects of the issue.
  10. Document the Discussion: After the conversation, document the key points discussed, any agreements or action plans, and the date of the discussion. This documentation can be useful in case any legal or ethical concerns arise in the future.

Regarding other legal and ethical concerns that might arise in supervision:

  1. Confidentiality: Ensure that client confidentiality is maintained throughout supervision discussions. Avoid disclosing any identifying client information.
  2. Supervisor Competence: If you have concerns about your supervisor’s competence or qualifications, address these in a professional manner, keeping the focus on ethical and professional considerations.
  3. Dual Relationships: Be mindful of any potential dual relationships between you and your supervisor that could compromise objectivity or professionalism.
  4. Supervisor Bias: If you perceive any biases in your supervisor’s approach, discuss these concerns professionally, emphasizing the importance of an unbiased and ethical therapeutic process.
  5. Supervisor Evaluation: Ethically evaluate your supervisor’s performance based on established criteria and guidelines, ensuring that the evaluation process is fair and transparent.

In summary, approaching a discussion with a supervisor about differing ethical perspectives requires empathy, preparation, and professionalism. It’s essential to maintain open communication while upholding the ethical standards of your profession and adhering to legal requirements.

CMHC 551 UP Ethical and Legal Issues with Supervision Discussion

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Respond to the following:

Imagine you work as a counselor and discover that your supervisor has a different ethical perspective in their sexual beliefs and approach to treatment. How might you approach a discussion with them? How might you remain compassionate and assertive in your professional interactions with supervisors? What other legal and ethical concerns might arise in supervision?

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