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Clayton State University Johnson Design SWOT Analysis Questions

Clayton State University Johnson Design SWOT Analysis Questions


  1. SWOT Analysis for Johnson Design:
    • Strengths:
      • Innovative product (Dry Wall Fix).
      • Strong technical skills within the company.
      • A patent for Dry Wall Fix, offering a competitive advantage.
      • Steve Johnson’s expertise and passion for the product.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Limited financial resources.
      • Lack of experience in product commercialization.
      • Reliance on a single product for company success.
    • Opportunities:
      • Growing market demand for home improvement and DIY products.
      • Potential to license Dry Wall Fix to larger companies.
      • Expansion into related product categories.
    • Threats:
      • Competition from established companies in the DIY market.
      • Economic downturn affecting consumer spending on home improvement.
      • Potential patent infringement challenges.

    Importance of the SWOT Analysis: This analysis helps identify the internal and external factors affecting Johnson Design’s business. The most critical information is the identification of strengths and weaknesses, which provide insights into the company’s internal capabilities and limitations. Opportunities and threats are also vital as they highlight external factors that can impact the company’s success. Combining this information helps Steve Johnson make informed strategic decisions.

  2. Investment in “Dry Wall Fix”:
    • The case should provide specific financial information regarding the total investment in “Dry Wall Fix” to answer this question. Typically, this includes research and development costs, production costs, marketing expenses, and any other relevant expenditures incurred by Johnson Design and Steve Johnson. Without this information, it’s impossible to determine the exact amount invested.
  3. Strategic Alternatives for Steve Johnson:
    • Possible strategic alternatives for Steve Johnson after inventing “Dry Wall Fix” could include:
      • Seek venture capital or external funding to scale up production and marketing.
      • Explore licensing agreements with larger companies in the DIY industry.
      • Develop a comprehensive marketing and distribution plan for the product.
      • Consider diversifying the product line to reduce dependence on a single item.
  4. Best Strategic Option Based on SWOT Analysis:
    • The best strategic option would depend on the specific details of the SWOT analysis and the financial situation of Johnson Design. However, if financial resources are limited (a weakness), exploring licensing agreements with larger companies (opportunity) might be a favorable option. This would allow Steve Johnson to leverage the patent (strength) and benefit from the larger company’s resources and distribution channels.
  5. Mistakes in Researching and Marketing:
    • Without specific details from the case, it’s challenging to pinpoint mistakes. However, potential mistakes could include inadequate market research, underestimating the competition, or failing to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. Steve Johnson should have conducted thorough market research to understand customer needs and preferences, identified potential competitors, and devised an effective marketing plan to promote “Dry Wall Fix.” Any missteps in these areas could hinder the product’s success.





2. Complete a SWOT Analysis for Johnson Design. Explain your answers. What information do
you believe is most important from this analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats?
2. From the information provided in the case, how much has Johnson Design invested in the
“Dry Wall Fix” to this point? Are these the total costs incurred by Johnson Design and Steve
Johnson on the product? If not, please explain.
3. What strategic alternatives did Steve Johnson have after inventing the “Dry Wall Fix”?
4. Based on your SWOT Analysis, what do you believe was the best strategic option for Steve
after inventing the ‘Dry Wall Fix”?
5. Do you think that Steve made any mistakes in researching the market and/or marketing his

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